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Hevi-Shot Goose Loads

50% more lethal pellets on target at 40 yds

"The most effective waterfowl load on the market today."


2X the energy of steel!

Case lot discounts!

HEVI•SHOT® is crafted from pellets from raw ore; Environ-Metal Inc., makes the highest performance products ever made for shotgunners.
When people shoot Hevi-Shot, , they leave the field with lasting memories of a great hunt.
Velocities up to 1,350 fps; these dense-patterning loads deliver.

Patterns near 90% more lethal pellets on target at 40 yds.
Over 50% more range than fast steel!

Extreme lethal out to near 60 yards!

Optimized for long shots at big birds. More lethal than any steel or non-toxic load, especially at longer distances.
They also maintain incredible duck-folding energy out to 60 yds, making your second and third shots as effective as your first.
Moisture-resistant crimp keeps your ammo working in all conditions, plus specially buffered to ensure a tight pattern. 10 shells per box.

Those who try Heavy Shot Shells, buy more....because of the extra effectiveness.

You spend the money on your passion; do not skimp on your shells.
You take more home when you use Hevi-Shot.

(packed 10 rounds per box, 10 boxes per case, 100 rounds)