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Honker Goose Blind

Enhance your ability for success with Maximus Blinds-the one the waterfowl guides use! See… but don’t be seen! Location + Concealment + Shooting Ease = Success!

Archery Success

Trap door lowered inside
  • Location, location – the 1st thing that really counts!
  • Maximus portability enables you to be in the ‘hot spot’ quickly.
  • Low profile fools educated birds, even in late season.
  • Gives total coverage so the birds cannot see you at all.
  • Adds versatility to set ups, especially when the ground is frozen. Eliminates the need for digging pits or uncomfortable trenches.
  • Ultimate in deception; use as permanent blind or adapt to your location.
  • Design blends into natural settings. Proven successful freestanding!
  • Use with a trench for your feet or sit on a milk crate with no trench.
  • Now this is ‘gentlemen hunting’! No brush down your neck.

Puts you where the action is!
Yes this is used in the middle of a field very successfully!

All sides slope, to emulate a 'pile' of naturally
occurring bales/cropsin the field. Easy to camouflage.

Sure beats layout blinds. Offers better camouflage, easier shooting and eliminates bird flare from layout blinds obvious outlines. Increase shooting success when shooting from a sitting position.
How are they different from Duck Blinds?
August 2005

" Had one long hard, great winter. Shot the .…out of the blind. Loved it!
I am ordering another one, but larger this time. (Got a 4 man last year)
We had a sever storm and we picked up the blind and left it by the edge of the field.
I expected to come back and see it pancaked- totaled. Instead it was still standing and Ok.
I was very impressed. It did its job and it is a great investment." K from N.Y.

Superior to lay out blinds. Honker solves these problems.
  • Achieve total coverage. No faces exposes.
  • No disorientation from lying down to upright position.
  • No struggling up from lying down & throwing off covers.
  • Ability to keep your eyes on the target & easily shoulder your gun.
  • No early flaring of the birds from movement to shooting position.
  • Comfortable. Superior to trying to lay still on the cold, hard ground.
Maximus Honker Goose 3 man Blind
set up and ready for transport, before camouflage.
Versatile Shooting Door.
Shooting trap door flipped out, and then dropped inside for wary birds.

Door is very quiet.

Unique blind with all sides slanted to blend into the environment. Mitered corners fitted by hand (superb craftsmanship). Manufactured in quick connect panels, made of square galvanized tubing. Rugged & effective!
The frame looks like one big mitered sloping box. Does not telegraph any man-made features, such as square windows, straight-line shadows or box design, which will tip off the birds to man’s presence. This minimizes shadows that flare birds & enables the blind to resemble a naturally occurring ‘pile’ in the field or along the waters edge.

Honker has a unique pitched roof design with arched roof support struts to prevent roof sag and shadows.
One end is a full height, large door for easy & quick access for hunters & dog. Door open’s towards the front to allow Hunter and Fido quick access to birds. Good visibility with a little arrangement of the camouflage.

Portable. No parts to loose. Express set up even in low light, in 15 minutes or less.
Easily transports to the right spot.

Designed by Professional guide, Paul Sullivan, of the Burbank Goose Guide Service.

Built for rugged daily use. Paul has been guiding for over 30 years and he uses his engineering and manufacturing background to design and fine tune innovative products to bring greater success to his hunters.

“In my business I have to satisfy clients on an everyday basis in any hunting condition, with wary educated geese. Excuses don’t bring back customers year after year. Paying customers want action in the blinds along with hunting comfort!”
“Maximus proved its success during the last warm seasons that had few migratory birds and the local birds were super educated. The local birds had eaten out the normal hot spots. It was tough trying to scratch up a location, but with the ‘Honker’ we had the advantage to go quickly to the exact spot the honkers were the day before to bring action to my hunters.
We had successful action when others didn’t. Of course we also had the best decoys, knew when to call & spent extra time on camouflaging the blind.”

The Burbank Goose Service is know as “Washington’s Premier Guide Service” because of its consistent success and high quality of professional guides & equipment. No need to advertise out of state, because all space sells out every year. Articles have appeared in Wildfowl & other publication, TV outdoor shows- including EPSN and videos- including Primos & Sports Afield. Paul is a popular speaker at outdoor shows.
The ‘Honker Goose Blind’ - Proven for Gunning, Archery & Photography.
Use the blinds the guide services swear by! Proven to be success all season long, even for late season birds.
Can be used as a permanent blind.
Readily adapts to boats or barges.
Maximus Honker:
Goose Blind used for ducks!
(Both pictures on Left and right.Dig out under the blind or raise up on blocks. Goose blind has a smaller shooting door also.)

Buy a Versatile Honker with a
lower profile, all slopping sides
(to increase the ability to camoflauge), quick set up and easy to transport to put you in the 'hot spot' daily.

More pictures can be seen at the Burbank Goose Guide Service website.

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