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Maximus Blinds

We manufacture several types of blinds.
For quick hides or permanent blinds, Aero has the blind to fit your needs. Setup and removal can each be done in less than 15 min. Blind separates into quick-connect panels.

Our blinds are proven to work on educated birds or game. For years outdoorsmen have been outwitting game with the art of concealment. They have refined different types of blinds over the years to out smart game. Besides, if you want to be more successful than the next guy, you have to have a better set up.

Our blinds are tested and have proven their successfulness, even on late season educated game. They have been tested by professional clubs and average hunters. The hunter's response has been overwhelming.

We have streamlined production so we can offer affordable blinds specifically designed to provide you with the extra edge on concealment, to make you hunts as successful as they can be.

See...but don't be seen!
Hunters love the ability to watch the birds work the setup.

Maximus works because there are no shadows to telegraph the presence of a man-made blind.

The blinds were designed to fulfill these requirements:
  • So durable they will last for years, making them a good investment.
  • Truly camouflage the hunters to assist them in their success.
  • Provide comfortable sitting to shooting, to improve the accuracy of shots.
  • Easy to trim addition access opening for your dogs.
  • Be portable so that you can be where the action is every day.
  • Be lightweight and easy to assemble.