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Buy DropZone Canadian Goose Decoys

DropZone Decoys™: A dream that became a reality;designed by Paul Sullivan, Pro Guide, Engineer, Inventor & Designer.
A most realistic decoy to create life-like spreads to fool wise geese, take the abuse of daily hunting & last a life time, or two...That's why they are called "Legendary Decoys"!

Buy DZ Elites ™! The GUIDES choice. They will exceed your expectations!
BEST BUY for money: realism, durability & workability. Others may be prettier in hand, but the hunt results speak for themselves!
Real geese disappear in the DropZones! Customers say, " You can't tell till one moves!."
The right paint tones, attention to details & stable bases for continuous success. One piece problem solvers- not parts to loose.

Unsolicited testimonies.Hear their thoughts--Click Here 'Be in the Zone'TM! , with Aero products !
DropZones give the best value to the hunter-DZ's last for a life time- or two! DropZone's fool geese, especially late season wary geese!

Early season or late, you will experience greater success with fewer realistic decoys!
With all the effort you put into hunting, buy the very best- DropZones!.
DZ's live up to their name.... they mark' The Zone'...& fool geese- they drop in.
Buy the DropZone Elites TM.

When offered a choice on the ground, Geese choose DZ's with feet, over hoop decoys.
The geese feel safe with their buddies.

What makes DropZone's so great? Right paint tones & no loose parts. Give 'em a new look.
You can stand on them and they will not crush! Burbank has used them for 15 years!
No other decoy is made more durable or realistic.

Humans do double takes, Geese just say,
"Make room for I come!."
DropZone Elite: Pro's.
All three poses:
Walking Feeder
& Rester

DropZones ...decoys that work all season- especially late season on wary birds!

Detail Information:
Custom individually hand painted, with layers of high end true-tone paint and dull, durable 2 coat sealer, developed in house.
The 3 1/2 # flexible plastic decoy, will outlast any other decoy! PRO's™ = Textured surface, flocked heads and tails= H/T + Tx.
Flocked tails & heads are UV reflective, just like real feathers! White flocking stay white under UV light. Paint turns black under UV light. The flat, textured finish on the body allows for realism- changes in sun/shade.
One heads or feet to loose & creates stability in stiff winds...they just plain DECOY GEESE!
Stable base resists up to 40 mile winds. Really geese do not jiggle in the field.
Triangle shaped base is concaved to adjust to terrain (not fillable). Very stable! Just cover the leading front edge in wind.
And the feet and bases do make a difference. Live geese just walk over and stay in the DropZone's.
Real geese do not jiggle or swing from side to side.!

Try a 4 pack and place off to the side of your spread in a family group, with space for the real geese to walk- and stay.
Let the Geese make the decision for you. Compare 4 yourself. This will answer the question -Which brand - DZ's of course!
DZ's have been the choice of professionals, who want that extra edge for increased success.
Not only will you impress the geese, but your hunt buddies too! You deserve the best ...especially for those tough days in the field. Most realistic paint scheme, which fools the real geese!

You are entering the 'DropZone'™ !!! Made in the USA
A DropZone 'in hand' sells itself, Order a Sample today! Test & find out for yourself!

Ordering: Technical Info at bottom of page.
Buy and see for yourself. 14 day no hassle return policy for a full credit, less the freight.
Order a sample today, and if more are ordered within 30 days, we will price adjust to lower quantity cost.
     -- Order custom number of poses at no extra charge, unless a stated otherwise. Sales are per terms
     -- Order Canadian decoys painted for 'Lessors', or painted darker scheme, or lighter for 'Greater's'. Just make note in comment box-cannot be verbal.
Order NOW. Since they are custom made to orders, Aero's stocks minimal quantities.

1/2 Deposit is required before your order is scheduled. Please allow3 to12 weeks for delivery.
Make your season a success....Buy DropZones! Be 'In the Zone', or wish you had been!

DropZone Elites Pro: Canadian Geese Decoys ** Made in USA

These decoys will become collectors items, but not until they have seen a lot of field action and had a lot of birds drop around them!
Hunters tell us our paint outlasts all other decoys and the tone is dead on!

Each decoy includes one free HD plastic transport/protect bag- details below.
You get true value for your dollar; DropZone's are more expensive to produce than blow molded, foot ball shaped bodies with loose heads/hooped bases, but they last longer than others.
When geese land in the decoys, they prefer DropZones. Follow their lead, and buy DropZone's for success decoying!

Canadian finish or: (Click Buy DropZone Specs. .) (Buy Snow-Blues. Info Snow-Blue) & Elite Pro Hunting Decoys with concave base to adjust to ground
Goose Decor Shipping: See info below.
Home or Garden Decor Decoys
Special base design to fill with sand for stability on your door step or in your garden.
Buy one or a pair for your sweetie too! Makes the perfect gift for any occasion. Comes with instruction Card.
As described below with fillable base for stability on your patio or at your front door.
Decor Sentry Canada Goose alert. Just add a big bow to his neck. Realistic and very decorative.
A favorite for any season. Weighted base.
Christmas Enjoy a Christmas Goose Greeter at your front door.
White goose with tall head to greet all, painted details, bow & garland accent around the neck.
Fillable base and plug for stability. Last for years.
Can customize a name or greeting painted on the goose, for $10 extra.
Says I think you are special to the reciptant Perfect for the person who has everything!
$99.00 Buy Christmas Goose
  Pre-Season sale of Christmas goose above. Order before December 1 to be sure of delivery for Christmas 2016. $69.99 Buy Christmas Goose
Decor Sentry Mother Goose alert. Favorite for any season.
Just add a big bow to his neck.
White body and orange bill and feet.
Realistic and very decorative. Weighted base.
Decor Rester Canada Goose wants to find a resting spot in your home, garden or porch. Add a bow or?
Fool the most discriminating eyes. Even a real goose! Special weighted base.
Decor Canada Pair Canada Goose Pair. DropZone Elites realistic paint scheme will create double takes, from on lookers. Special weighted base.
1 Sentry, 1 Walking Feeder.
Hunting Decoys
Concave triangle base- very stable-adjusts to the terrain
11101 1 DropZone Elite - Sentry
(H/T + Tx on all of this series:DZE=DropZone Elite)
11301 1 DropZone Elite - Rester $109.99ea
11401 1 DropZone Elite -
Walking (Grass) Feeder
11B02 Pair. DropZone Elites
1 Sentry, 1 Walking Feeder.
$217.98 pair
11B03 Pair. DropZone Elites
1 Feeder & 1 Walking Feeder
    Four Decoys  
11511 4 DropZone Elites
1 Sentry, 1 Rester, & 2 Walking Feeders
11513 4 DropZone Elites
2 Rester & 2 Sentries
11515 4 DropZone Elites
4 Walking (Grass) Feeders
11B04 4 DropZone Elites
1 Sentry, 3 Walking Feeders
11A12 1doz, DropZone Elites dozen -
3 Sentries, 9 Walking Feeders
11512 1 doz, DropZone Elites decoys -
2 Sentries, 2 Rester, 8 Walking Feeders
    18 Decoys  
11A18 1 1/2 dozen DropZone Elites
- 4 Sentries, 14 Walking Feeders**
11518 1 1/2 dozen DropZone Elites- 3 Sentries, 3 Resters, 12 Walking Feeders $1871.82

**Best shipping value.

Shipping details-DropZone's:
Choose 1, 2 or in lots of 4 per box or for best rates for smaller quantities. 3 boxes for 12 decoys/dozen.
18-24 decoys are shipped in a tub via truck. Must go to a commercial address for highest savings.
Tubs can hold from 18 to 26 decoys, depending upon the pose. The more feeders, the more in a tub.
Aero's high shipping volumes, has enable us to negotiate for reduced freight rates!

Free Shipping/transport Bags: Durable Heavy Duty 4 mil clear plastic bags with decoys.
The slippery surface of the bags reduces friction & wear. Re-useable.
Gives excellent protection to the whole decoy & base.
Standard shipment is with 1 long bag. 36 x 42 per decoy. Covers the whole decoy and base.
      Use to bring into the field, then pick the DZ's up, insert in bag and place back in trailer.
Other Option: shorter bags to just cover the decoys. For those who transport on shelves.
       Shorter bags.( 1 to cover the decoy body & 1 for the base, which you can discard.)

Tip: Freight costs per decoy reduce dramatically when ordering tubs of 18+ decoys shipped via truck to a commercial address, and then again when ordering multiple tubs.

Re-Paint your decoys. Repaint and seal the decoys to bring them back to goo's as new condition.
Call for an updated form. 509-545-8000 or email us. Plus insert a copy in with the decoys when shipping back to Aero.

Bags for DropZones - Plastic protective.  Effective in eliminating friction and wear
Elites are shipped with 90010, as the standard bag. These HD bags are almost indestructible. Last for years.
Protect your investment.
We have found these to offer the best protection- slippery surface eliminates friction and wear!
90010 standard 1 dozen Bags (for DropZones Goose decoys).
4 mil clear Heavy Duty 36" x 42" long. Long enough for complete coverage of decoy and base, for carrying in truck bed, bags, etc.
90011 standard 2 dozen Bags (for DropZones Goose decoys). Same As above. $39.99
90012 1 dozen Bags for DropZones: 4mil 30x30 clear Heavy Duty Covers the decoy body. Shipped with decoy. Perfect for coverage in trailers with shelves & on flat surfaces. (Shipped with 90013) $16.00
90014 1 dozen Bags for DropZones: 4mil 12 x 8 x24 gusseted
When shipped with DropZone decoys, it is used to cover the base,
(along with above bag # 90012 to cover the body.)
DropZone Technical Specifications.
Note: A Sentry is 25" high, 27 3/4" long, 10" wide. Feeder is 15" high, 31 3/4" long, 9 3/4" wide.
Rester is 21" high, 25" long, 10" wide body. Grass Feeder is 14 1/2" high, 28" long, 10"wide body
Weight: approximately. 3 1/2 pounds per decoy with concave base. approximately 4 pounds with fillable base..

** Best Freight rate; shipped via truck & box hold 1 1/2 doz.(18+) decoys. Additional for home delivery.
*** Special Price- Flutter-Wing in Elite Body - string action (see special below)

Proven attention getter!    No gimmick.
Superior to flagging. You control the action.
Gets their attention from great distances.
Hunters love the results.
Buy a Flutter-Wing Goose with 1, or 2 Sets of wings. 
Use the large wings early season, and the smaller wings late season. Both sides of the wings are flocked.
Flocking gives off the same light reflective properties as feathers, and therefore is UV reflective. 
No stakes needs. Works all season long! 

It can all the difference in the hunt, if you need some extra attraction to get them looking your way.
Wings always return to set position to not flare the birds.

All pricing subject to change, without notice