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Company Mission

We specialize in quality, innovative products that are a great investment for the hunter, in terms of success and value for the dollar spent!

Aero Outdoors manufactures and sells quality products to enhance outdoor experiences; to make hunting positive and rewarding, thereby encouraging hunters to preserve our hunting heritage. We want to preserve the ability to enjoy and pursue the creatures God has given us.

Aero Outdoors wants to provide a positive, honest work environment which always seeks to manufacture and provide new and improved products, that are on the cutting edge. Products always targeted to enhance the success of waterfowl enthusiasts.

Aero Outdoors supports many outdoor agencies, fundraiser's and events to further the enjoyment of the outdoors and wildlife. Aero especially enjoys supporting the youth and those serving in the military to protect the freedoms we enjoy in our great country.

Aero Outdoors and owners have received many awards from various organizations for their support.

Aero Outdoors encourages all comments and suggestions. Both positive and negative.

Aero supports the various conservation groups (partial listing below), to ensure future generations abundant, productive opportunities in the outdoors.  Join and support the organizations of your choice. Your support makes a difference. Let your elected officals know too!

Cancer Centers
CWA: California Waterfowl
Coastal Conservation Assoc. (fish)
Delta Waterfowl
Ducks Unlimited
Ducks Unlimited, Canada
Ducks Unlimited, Mexico
Habitat for Humanity
NRA: National Riffle Association
NWTF: National Wildlife Turkey
Make a Wish Foundations
Pheasants Forever
POMA: Professional Outdoor
SCI: Safari Club International
Various state organizations
Washington Waterfowl Assoc
Wounded Vets
Youth in the Outdoors

Aero Tag Lines:

Aero Outdoors quest is to provide quality decoys and superior equipment to assist waterfowlers finish off ducks and geese more efficiently, due to the realism in the innovative, unique products.

Serious Products for Serious Hunters©.

Quality products for the serious waterfowler.

Best value for the dollar spent for more life-like decoys, blinds and accessories, to bring increased successful opportunities in the wild.

Give 'em a different look to fool'em! Invest in quality life-like products which will turn their heads!

Company Information:

We are a certified small business and qualify for the following.

NAICS: 339920 Sporting goods
NAICS: 33999 Miscellaneous Manufacturing
NAICS: 541613 Marketing Consulting
NAICS: 541330 Consulting
NAICS: 11334 Berry Farming

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About Paul & Suzanne

Our products are tested and proven to be reliable by many passionate hunters, including us.
We enjoy our time spent in the outdoors and the challenge of harvesting wildlife. We have been married over 40 years, have 3 children and 9 grandchildren (all girls-no boys).
We also enjoy archery hunting, fly fishing and traveling to other hunting locations.

Paul and Suzanne at Paul's Ponds
Paul & Suzanne at Paul's Ponds
Join us on a trip to Argentina, Africa, Europe, New Zealand or where ever else we may be headed in pursuit of waterfowl and other challenges in the wild. Email you interest.