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Velvet Feather Goose Flocking

"This is to goose hunting what 'robo duck', was to duck hunting! This is the greatest enhancement to decoys I have seen. Easy process too. Makes the decoys look real."
~ Dan from Nebraska

This is not really works!
Gives decoys added realism.

If you can see the contrast the geese can too!
INCREASE SUCCESS - less bird flare from decoy shine.
Emulates the same light reflective properties as real feathers
All Weather- all day rain & freezing
  • Velvet Feather™ are superior to paint- no shine, no fade or no yellow
  • Eliminates repainted during season to keep stark black on the heads/tails
  • The stark contrast of colors is the hardest to replicate and keep from fading
  • Velvet Feathers™ does for your decoys, what no paint can do.
Velvet Feather™ makes the Big Foot Decoy come to LIFE!

Yes, the sharp tail contrast makes a difference! Birds can see the contrast from great differences, just like we can. Therefore, do the B/W on the tails.

Big Foot Heads, before and after.

The birds shown here would not be on the ground on that sunny December day had there not been Velvet Feather™ on the decoys to eliminate shine and bird wariness.

Geese have keen eye sight. Conquer the paint shine and add realism that will bring you success with Velvet Feather™ Bag more birds with closer shots. Don't wait any longer, order your Velvet Feather™ kit today and make your next hunt a success too! VF were the original Kits. Treated decoys have been service for years. The secret to durability is the glue!

The GLUE is what makes our kits better. User friendly; Still no strong fumes, water clean up (till the glue has set).
Totally Waterproof when cured.
The high polymer base in the glue bonds to the plastic decoys so well, that we do not know how to remove it.
This glue is specifically designed for us and decoys! Superior to all others tested.

  • Improved glue strength & scratch resistance.
  • Colored glue to match the flocking. This gives increase color dept and covers faded paint, etc.
  • Greater elasticity in the glue, to adjust to plastic shrinking/swelling, as the plastic changes to the elements.
  • Expands and contract to temperatures.
  • Improved drying time. Longer time to accept fibers, yet tack set in two (2) hours, and ready to hunt in 24 hours. (Time can vary due to temperature, humidity, etc. Test as needed.)

Still no strong fumes, water clean up (till the glue has set).
The high polymer base in the glue bonds to the plastic decoys so well, that we do not know how to remove it.

Still environment friendly and user friendly.

Don't mess with solvent based glue which is hazmat, strong fumes and takes longer to dry. Plus solvent based glues do not have the elasticity (designed for surfaces that are not subject to the changes in temperatures), need solvents for clean up, have warning on the labels for handling, take longer to dry and are hazardous if in haled.

Velvet Feather Kits:
1 Kit = minimum 1 dozen Bigfoots, or approx. 2-3 dozen standard decoys.
Easy four step process for previously painted surfaces.

  • Wash/Clean decoys(s). degrease and do not handle surfaces to be treated.
    Oils on the hands will attached to the plastic.
  • Prepare surface to increase glue adhesion. Lightly sand, if needed. Sandpaper included in Kits (but not basic kits that have no accessories -just glue & fibers.)
    Additional steps may be needed if decoy surfaces have not been previously painted, like BF heads, will need to be flamed. Complete instructions included.
    This is superior to heavy sanding, etc and quicker too.
  • Brush on glue.
  • Apply fibers with puffer bottle(provided in complete kits) which breaks the surface tension and therefore enhances the results. Superior to dusting or shaking .Bottle not included in basic kits.

Care: Just hose off dirt and brush with a soft brush. If soap is needed, use a mild non-detergent dish soap. Rise well and dry. Best to always transport in plastic bags to prevent friction between the decoys.

Touch Up: For small spots on black flocking use a permanent marker until you can reflock the area or spot. Easy to dab glue on wear spot and reapply fibers, or apply glue to the whole surface and reflock. This makes the whole surface the same color, because after a few years and lots of exposure to the elements the color may fade slightly. Buff wear spots slightly with scotch brite pad to blend the flock height, if needed, before the application. (Do not apply to the bill and eyes!)