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EZ-Fab™ Usage

Fabricate blinds quickly and easily for waterfowl, deer, turkey...

Use anywhere, even in tree stands, where you want to blend into the environment!

Usage is limited only by your creativity, there are so many ways to use EZ-FAB!

Two of the most common uses are:
  • Creating stand-a-lone blinds or shield blinds.
    • Use for coffin blinds, lay out blinds, full circle blinds or partial shield blinds.
    • Attach or weave in camouflage materials such as cattails, corn stalks, natural brush, fabric, etc...
  • Using on any frame as backing to secure blind materials.
    • Shapes easily to design
    • Perfect for boat blinds and any wet applications
    • No rust. No rot
    • Use to support fabric, netting, grass mats, or natural materials
    • Does not snag
    • Superior to wire mesh
    • Lighter
    • Easier to handle
    • Does not deteriorate
    • Folds for drop side boat blinds
    • Use with the Maximus Honker Goose Blind™ or the Maximus Deadly Duck Blind™.
EZ-FAB has also been used for:
  • Decoration support.
  • Combine with Camo Grass Mats to make a Polynesian setting.
  • Make your next family reunion, pool party, costumes or a quick set up.
  • Animal cages.
  • Play houses.
  • Theater Props.
  • And many others! Let us know your inventive use of this long lasting, easy to work with product.

How to Use EZ-FAB™:

Use free standing or along the waters edge. Use as Coffin Blind, Layout Blind, etc... Use as tree upland, turkey, or deer blinds.

  • Trim to the size needed.
    • Measure with a complete diamond shape on the edge, with no side of an incomplete diamond shape or spoke on the edge. The spokes can catch or snag, there for trim the spokes.
    • Cut a little over the size of the piece needed and trim the diamonds, removing the spokes.
    • This material is tough, but cut able. It can bend or warp light weight scissors. Cut with strong sharp scissors, tin snips, etc. (Do not use your wife's good sewing scissors)
  • Attach camouflage with wire ties, etc... or insert natural materials.
    • Can be used with diamond pattern going any direction!
    • Attach materials as needed throughout the piece.
      • If used as backing, first secure firmly to set-up around edges.
      • Use staples, nails, cording, twine, or wire ties.
        • If using wire ties, we suggest that you use very heavy duty ties along the outer edges for support and then use lighter weight ties frequently throughout the body for attaching additional cover.
  • If needed add sticks or thin poles, like tent poles, for extra support.
  • Make sure you allow access in and out of the blind for the hunter(s) and fido.
  • Excellent use - just take a section for one hunter or a couple of hunters. Insert natural material and disappear.
  • Roll up for transporting.
  • You can even leave the camouflage attached!
Permanently attach to blind frames for boats, water edges, or fields.
  • Build a frame or prepare one for covering with EZ-FAB
  • Build a frame or prepare one for covering with EZ-FAB
  • Trim the EZ-FAB
    • Allow a little extra for adjusting to shape. EZ-FAB will stretch slightly and conform to almost any shape.
    • Try to trim across the point of the diamonds, cutting off any spokes or sections of the mesh that are not complete diamonds.
  • Secure to the frame with wire ties, twine, etc.. (see picture)
    • Can be used with diamond pattern going in any direction!
    • Trim any excess tie strips that are not needed.
    • Try to make sure EZ-FAB is taunt to give good support for the camo materials.
  • EZ-FAB gives excellent support and structure without the weight.

Attaching EZ-FAB to blinds.

EZ-FAB™ Camouflage Suggestions:

Natural occurring materials (from the hunt/blind location) are always superior to fabric or man-made materials. Mound up or insert along three sides to blend into the environment. Secure materials to the access end. Nestle into habitat along the shore or in the field. Make the blind appear like natural brush or a pile of corn, hay, etc.. that is already in the setting.

Grain stubble, crop remnants, brush, or cattails are perfect for inserting into EZ-FAB's openings. The diamond openings hold the loose materials and therefore blend into the setting.

Camo Grass Mats compare to Fastgrass. They are natural reeds knotted into 4' sq shag mats that give 3-D surface. Paintable when new. Easily attached with ties or twine. Individual knots will not unravel and are trimmable from any direction. Complete instructions included with mats.

EZ-FAB Warning and Warrantee:

WARNING: Do not expose to intense heat or fire. This product can melt and flame. Doesn't accept readily accept paint.

WARRANTY: For 1 year after the purchase for manufacture defects only.