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EZ-Fab™ Blind Material

Blends into most settings, the birds will not know you are there!
Best camo consists of materials from the hunt site.

Fabricate blinds quickly & easily for waterfowl, deer, turkey...
Fabricate free standing blinds, use on blind panels for field or boat blinds, or use as a shield blind with camo as needed.

EZ-Fab before natural Camo

EZ-Fab after natural Camo
Exclusive diamond design (Poly Mesh), made to our specifications. Re-useable and very lightweight!

  • Blends into most settings.
  • Very light weight, yet durable & versatile.
  • Available in rolls to customize for your needs.
  • Made of space age plastic that last for years.

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Use on blind frames and just add natural camo and then you will disappear.

EZ-FAB is easy to see through.

Acts as a camo breakup pattern; like a one-way mirror, as long as you don't move!

"We shot 3 times the ducks this season as compared to last season, with half as many available ducks. The only changes were the use of two products: Velvet Feathers and EZ-FAB. We harvested 95% drakes. Velvet Feathers brings decoys to life. The body highlight kits give stark contrast to duck and goose decoys, plus it brought us success on the dreaded sunny days! The EZ-FAB is amazing camo, nothing else comes close! It allows you to see the birds without being seen."

Paul Sullivan
(Burbank Guide Service, Pro Guide and Owner)
EZ-FAB Blinds camouflage easily:
  • Dead grass color blends into most settings.
  • The dull color resembles sand or natural decaying organic material.
  • Makes perfect, strong, no-stretch backing to support Mats.  (Mats are not included with the EZ-FAB blind material. Buy mats separately on the buy page.).
  • Better than wire because it does not snag!
  • Better than fabric or netting, that does not give firm support to camo. Plus EZ-FAB is longer lasting than any other camo support material!
Superior to wire mesh:
  • Wire openings stretch.
  • Wire has no shape or memory.
  • Wire is significantly heavier than EZ-FAB.
  • Wire rusts and deteriorates (doesn't last as long).
  • Wire mesh hangs up on its self, or scrunches up and loses shape.
  • Wire and interwoven meshes sag and don't offer firm support or the welds break on welded meshes and support is lost.
  • Wire can produce rusty cuts that can become infected.
  • Wire needs to be painted.

1/2 lb per linear foot.
Rolls are 58"+ high

Dead Grass or Mud/Bark.

-50° - 200°

Aprox. 1 1/4" openings and 1/8" round strands.

Available in 12', 25', and 50' rolls.

  • Excellent for freestanding, field, boat, or partial blinds.
  • Easy to transport. Light weight.
  • Flexible - rolls or folds.
  • Self supporting and maintains it's shape (No wire).
  • Very durable and reusable.
  • Saves on time and money!
  • Add support (poles, partial frame, etc.) if needed to support EZ-Fab for shield and free standing blinds.
Tip: Make sure you use heavy duty zip ties when fastening to you blind frames. EZ-FAB will out last the life of black UV zip ties. Aero uses 8" x 9/16 wide heavy duty black zip ties on the Maximus Blinds--(after 3 years when left out in the elements all year around, we need to replace the zip ties).