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DropZone Snow & Blue Goose Decoys

Added realism: The new plastic is superior to our previous snow geese.
After many attempts, we perfected a more dense white, which will eliminate transparency.
Better quality costs, but the results speak for them self - making them more durable & a better investment.
This will help eliminate the 'glow' on bright sunny days.
(At a show, another manufacture actually admired our plastic and wanted to know what our special spec was! Were not telling.)

Realism brings'em in close!
DropZone's are the very best on the market. Their 'Elite'!
And DropZone's give the geese a 'different look'!
Wary geese get to know other deks, show them something different to bring'em!
     Choose QUALITY over quantity!
     Buy a couple and see for yourself.
With DropZone Elites you'll harvest more birds with fewer decoys.
Why? Because the Elites have superior realism -
you can't tell the difference until they move.

Geese get use to the large quantity of ???decoys.
Many hunters have experimented with their DropZone's set up on one side and the other deks on the other side. You guessed it-the geese landed in the DropZone's consistently. Quickly hunters realized no huge spreads & labor to set up were needed. DropZone's live up to their name- they show the DropZone!

They are made from highest quality industrial plastic for strength, durability & flexible base. The thicker wall structure makes them crack resistant. Problem solver 1 piece roto molded which gives greater texture relief in each decoy.
DropZone's have blown out of truck beds at 60 miles an hour and only suffered some road rash. No cracks, splits, breaks or lost parts.

LOOK- each feather vein is carved into mold shows in the decoy shown below.
  • Black Flocked Tails, bring'em to LIFE!
  • All Weather - All Season. Next closest thing is the a
    real goose, except a stuffer.
    DropZone's are superior to fair weather stuffers.
  • Exceptional Realism. Great feather detail.
  • Different, exact body shape for for each style (not one body shape with different heads attached)
  • Full body - 1 piece - hollow. You can stand on the side-@ your own risk.
  • No pieces to loose- problem solve-Extremely durable, yet flexible.
  • Color scheme match to real geese.
  • NEW wide stable base design. Blow over resistant.
  • ' When a decoy was accidentally shot at 25 yards in 30° weather the pellets did not penetrate the decoy.
  • Light weight - 3 1/2 pounds.
    A 200 lb. man can stand on the side of the decoy & it will not crush. The decoys even withstand being thrown 20+ feet in the air.
  • Each decoy is shipped in an individual heavy duty durable plastic bag. Re-useable to protect decoys.
    Transport in the plastic bags they were shipped in or similar smooth bags to eliminate decoys rubbing up against each other and prolonging decoy life.
Snow Goose Success even in warm sunny weather!

Temperature for the hunt pictured above was 72°. Geese were flighty. Friends set up 500 regular decoys and got 2 geese in a field that would be considered a chicken coop (slam dunk for sure hunt). I had 50 Elites out on the edge of a lake that had been shot out that morning, and I harvested 8 geese. We had a good blind set up and the geese could not tell the decoys from the real thing, so they sailed right in! Dave was amazed when he came back to help me pick up and we took this picture! Dave had snagged a couple on his own when he snuck up on them.
Snow Goose Trivia:
There are 2 races of snow geese identified.
The greater snows along the Atlantic Coast, and lesser snows elsewhere on the continent.
Blue geese are a color phase of the lesser snow. for a picture of the variation in Snows.
Flutter-Wing® Snow Goose is available in battery or string action! Superior to flagging. No human presence to hide.
Flutter-Wing Goose Info
Extreme hunting requires the very best decoys on the market- buy only DropZones to get the edge on success.

So choose QUALITY over quantity.BUY ELITES™! You'll be glad you did.

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DropZones™ give you the extra edge for success.

Shown below is the new walking feeder