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We currently have Deadly Duck Blinds, Flutter Wing Duck Decoy, Full Curl Duck Decoys, Decoy Bags, EZ-FAB MESH pieces and Velvet Feather Flocking for sale.

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Limited quantities, which will vary from time to time.
Drakes have flocked heads/tails, various heads and keels. Hens are not flocking.
Sorry we cannot assure head positions, but you can request in the comments in case we do have a box to fit your choices.

FC- Minimal, very slight defects New Full Curls- box of 6, with a minimal....? May be found on only a couple of the 6 decoys, such as a small scratch, paint spatter or some thing is not as it should be. Small defects you or the ducks will not notice at a few feet. You probably will not even notice at all. Will they work, sure- just like the full price box!
Sold as is, no returns. No choice in box mix. If you want a choice, then there will be an additional $10 charge.

Subject to availability


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FC- 2nds New Full Curls- box of 6, but they are seconds. Shape may be slightly off: too much foam, or not enough foam. Keels may not stay in and will need to be glued on.
Or the paint scheme is a little off, or?? Will they work, sure- and they have more personality!
Sold as is, no returns. Cannot specify mix style.
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Game Strap- Carry 6 birds with ease.

91600 Aero Game Strap- Every hunter needs a couple. Great gift too.
Slight curve in design creates a comfortable strap around neck or on shoulder.
Reg 7.99
Now $5.99
Old Style Maximus Deadly Duck Blinds
Padded center with non-slip bottom surface. Floats when not filled with birds.
Heavy Duty metal D-rings have 3 varied length straps on each side.
Just slip a loop of the HD webbing into the small end D-ring, then adjust as needed to secure the birds head.

Decoy Bags

#91502   Poncho 12 pocket for magnum duck decoys. Easy on and off with split sides, plus easy to
                 flip back to front to finish placing the decoys....or picking them up. . 


EZ-FAB Mesh Large Sheet

1 Piece
EZ-FAB Mesh Sheet- has diamond openings. Made of quality long-lasting plastic which can bend or fold, but retains memory, but does not tear or stretch. . Perfect for a shield blind on the ground or in a trees. Cut to fit the area. Small sections will stand up when stakes used on the ends. Add natural camo and disappear- creates a 3-D effect, but you can see through the mesh. Superior to any wire welded fence material which will rust, break and scratch..

77" across the bottom, by 61 1/2" high at peak. Trapezoid Shape. Other heights are apx 46" and 53" Creates an apx 3 1/2'+ by 5 foot rectangle piece, plus extra. Light dead grass color-spray paint to customize.

Perfect for blind panels because it creates a flat taunt surface. Great backing for knotted palm sheets, since it allows for more attachments which will lengthen the life of the knotted construction, due to less friction.. Superior camo use is to add natural materials from setting and secure with zip-ties & behind strips of bungee cord woven through the mesh.
Endless uses, including fencing and as cage material, as long as ???? will not chew through the mesh.

Velvet Feather Flocking

Bulk Flocking Fiber information