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Velvet Feather Full Body Kit

Mallard Duck Head Flocking Kit

Mallard Duck Head, Tail & Highlights Kit

Goose Head Flocking Kit

Goose Kit: Head, Tail & Highlights

NEW : Fully Flock Drake Mallard Kits:"
7 Flock colors and 5 Glue Colors.
Cover the entire decoy with flocking. Includes the bright blue wing color accent too.
Does 1 dozen standard decoys, plus ??.
Since manufactures vary the size of their decoys, no guarantees can be made as to how many decoys kit will treat.. However
there should be adequate materials to surface treat up to the magnum size decoy, depending upon application techniques.

Mallard: Complete Body Flock Kit
Applicator bottles & brushes included,
but not shown.
Click Pic for larger version.

NEW : Fully Flock Hen Mallard Kits:"
3 Flock colors and 2 Glue Colors.

Simple 4-step* process: makes your decoys look like stuffers (Decoys NOT included).
Clean, prep surface, glue and flock.
See specific steps on the information page for Velvet Feathers.
*Note: If your decoys have never been painted before or have new bare unpainted plastic, you may have to take another easy step to prepare the surface to accept any decoy finish. We would suggest using a plastic primer.

  • Custom high grade fibers and our own designed for decoys, the outdoors, and cold weather.
  • Fibers give the right color, depth, and texture for realism.
  • Custom formulated glue, which is flexible and high polymer. Limited water reduceable and quick cleanup. Keep brushes in water during use to prevent set up. No solvents needed unless the glue has set up. Excellent adhesion
  • Rugged. Will not check or crack like contact cements or other glues.
  • Apply the fibers within 10 minutes. Tack set in 2 hours. Ready to hunt 24 hrs.
  • Suggest bagging decoys in plastic bags. Proven to stand up to a full season of daily guiding, with some wear.
  • Non-toxic and environmentally friendly.
    • No fumes, solvents, or special equipment needed. Those little silver cans have user warnings and require ventilation, gloves, masks, etc...
  • Glue is extremely water resistant and durable once cured.
    • So durable we haven't figured out how to remove the glue once it is applied.
  • Highlight kits all include additional white glue to be used with white fibers to keep the color 'stark white'.
  • Do not Freeze the glue. Store in moderate room temperature.

Complete Kits include:
Fibers and applicator bottle, glue colored to match the fibers (black, green and white), brush(es), sandpaper and detailed instructions.

Basic Kits include: Only fibers, glue & instructions.

How easy? If you can paint door can do the VF Kit!
When needed, touch up is very easy. Do the needed spots, or apply another total application.:

  • Clean your decoys.
    The easiest way is to use a garden hose and spray the dirt off. Use a light brush and mild dish soap, if needed.
  • Allow decoys to dry.
    Prep the surface. Level the surface on the existing flocking, with a scotch brite style pad. Lightly buff the area.
  • Apply glue to the worn/bare spots.
  • Apply fibers immediately. Check in a few minutes under a bright light. If shinny spots occur (thicker glue spots) where the glue has absorbed the fibers, quickly apply more fibers by dusting or pressing them into the glue. The surface tension of the glue will set up and not accept fibers as readily as when first applied.
    Allow to dry overnight.
    Blow off the extra fibers and save for re-use. Clean up area before applying the next color.
Or the whole surface can be re-done. Apply a thin coat of glue, then fibers to the entire area. This will give greater uniformity for larger areas that need to be redone. However, do not apply glue to an area which cannot be processed in less than 10 minutes.