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We have a few DVD's available featuring our products.  Currently we have two DVD's available for sale.

Shipping Information:  If you order a DVD with other items from us, we can usually tuck it in with the other items and not charge additional shipping charges.  Ordered separately, shipping usually is $3 to $4 with insurance via USPS, depending upon destination address.

Greenheads Galore

A two hour, action packed, DVD filmed at the Burbank Guide Service hunt location in Washington State.  See ducks all season long dive into Paul's Ponds and wary geese decoy right into the goose pits.  See Paul's management techniques which allows for quality hunting, repetitively on his property.

Excellent action footage showing the actual sequences of the hunt!  No mixing of sequences and dubbing in. Real hunt action!

Entertaining, information, educational and fantastic footage from 16 hunts..
See the waterfowl mecca Paul has created, from sand dunes to wetlands!

Also see all of Aero's products in action and the success they bring the hunters!.

Burbank is where family and friends meet to enjoy the challenge of waterfowling and the fresh, restorative crisp air of the outdoors.
A great addition to your DVD library!

90200 Greenheads Galore DVD Available $15.99
90200-S Greenheads Galore DVD
Special pricing, order now and save!
Limited Time Offer $12.99

Ducks, Dogs & Decoys: Coast to Coast DVD

Coast to Coast, from the right coast to the left coast, from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean, from the Atlantic Flyway to the Pacific Flyway, join Jeff and the Pit crew as they hunt waterfowl all across America. With over 25 hunts join us as we experience a day afield hunting big geese, little geese, puddle ducks, divers, seaducks and swans. We also visit museums, legendary carvers, call makers and spend time with Jeff as he carves his gunning decoys for the season. Over 7 hours of Ducks, Dogs and Decoys! Great Value for the many hours of entertainment and instruction.

90239 Ducks, Dogs & Decoys Available $19.99