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Buy Flutter-Wing Duck String Action Decoys

Flutter-Wing: String Powered- Great enticer decoy!
U control the hunt. Work 'em just like you do with a call.
Best tool a hunter can use to attract from a distance.

Super Magnum Full Body Duck Decoy, in landing position.


NEW drive CORD- longer lasting and quiet!

INCOMING Decoy- easier to maintain+ wings are faster in the cold
No batteries to buy, no remote hassles.

Duck Decoy Action Flutter-Wing Pull String

Telegraphs to other ducks,
"I have checked it is OK and chow time!"

Activate to attract, then watch 'em come in close for the shot!
Proven tool for the blind. Just like a call, the Flutter-Wing gets their attention.

Superior to wind, which is too fast or not fast enough to be realistic

Very reliable mechanism, easy to repair and lasts indefinitely. Has been used successfully for years.
Many hunters has testified to the increased success with a Flutter-Wing Decoys, especially with wary birds.
Don't leave home with out one- if adjacent hunters have one, you will wish you did! More info...

Full body decoy with feet, wings (black one side, white the other) with thumb screw connectors, 21" button lock stake, plus extra 2 drive cords, operator string & kite handle style holder & allen wrench for wing connectors. Plus New: Free Decoy bag, protect/transport draw string bag - Heavy Duty Nylon draw string bag with grommet for hanging.

Access hole open in bottom of decoy for maintenance. No flocking on decoy, unless that model is chosen from the add on list.
Stake with new triangle for stability in the ground! Flutt-wing cord Drive-does not break!

Superior to rubber bands
Cord- very long lasting- eliminates
replacement & Quiet- no noise!

21" Stake with triangle stability plate.
Has a flatten pointed end to insert into the ground or shore.
Do not hammer stake, which may make the slip fit not work.
No more rubber bands snapping.

 Stakes: includes an 18" stake. Use painted conduit for longer stakes. Place Gorilla tape inside the top of conduit to eliminate metal chatter/noise.

*Prices do not include WA Tax, or shipping: apx $15-19.95 ea

TWO Flutter-Wing Action Style Decoys:
1: Full Body or
2: Shell style, made from Full Curl Decoy.

"The Flutter-Wing works. My old wind decoy would flare the birds when they got close. Flutter-Wing gets their eye and then I get ready to "take'em" ! Dayton, Wa.

#1 Style, Full Body Magnum Mallard with feet. (If your local dealer does not stock 'em, let us know and we will contact them.)                                                      
45700 Flutter-Wing ACTION in Full Body painted Decoy: Proven reliable action. No batteries needed or remote to fuss with. NEW cord drive- slight stretch to give a quiet, quick action.
Includes decoy, wings (Black 1 side, white on other), feet, 21" stake & user pull string/wrap handle, plus 3 drive cords, extra supplies & transport bag. (Stake slip fits into stake extension, sold separately).
Custom Flocking options are below, for added realism & decoying ability.
Weighs 5 pounds in box. Made in China. Must attach feet and wings.
See below: "Full Meal Deal" customized flocked decoy = 45712+D - Hunter Fav
Limited STOCK

45701 Retro-Fit your decoy- Change rubber band drive decoy to NEW Cord Drive. Includes free extra drive cord. Must ship your decoy to us and pay for return. $35.99* Retro-Fit old rubber band drive decoy to new drive cord.
  BEST SELLERS -Super customize yourFull Body FW decoy & watch it pull 'em in.    
45708-D FW Full Body Decoy 45700 plus flocked head green/white & white on tail, drive cord mechanism+3 extra cords & parts. $  
5 Stars

 "Full Meal Deal Detail"-- Flutter-Wing Decoy 45700 Drive cord mechanism & flocking:Aero Green Head Mix, White on neck ring & Black/White on tail. Plus Black flock on black side of wings and mist on Feet:, plus 3+3 = 6 extra drive cords, extra supply parts and transport bag
45713 Same as above...But white flock on wings added!    
#2 Style, FW Shell Style- In a Full Curl decoy. Add a shell at lower level in your spread.
Shell style-
Full Curl Decoy
Flutter-Wing drive cord ACTION in Full CurLShell Drake Decoy: Picture
Great for packing in- smaller-- Less bulk for transport & just as effective. .
Flocked Head/Tail, exceptional flat, true-tone paint scheme
Use above stubble, on water and lower for water splash.
Decoy and 18" stake. Customer demand brought this style back.
Weighs 5 pounds in box. Assembled USA+ some USA parts. Decoy China.


reg$135.99* Drake
In Stock

Full Curl Flutter-Wing action decoy
45765 Same as Above except a Full Curl HEN.
Flutter-Wing ACTION Hen has the regular paint scheme. Black/white wings and 18" stake. Sale
$129.00* Sale: $135.99 full curl flutter-wing action decoy
Combo: Flutter-Wing Full Body Mallard + Extension Kit
45750 Flutter-Wing Full Body Decoy and Stake Extension Kit: Complete set up
Includes Flutter-Wing Decoy, Mechanism, Wings, extra supplies & 1 Stake, Plus the additional 2 Stake Set- slip Fit Extender Kit.
out os stock Drake
Flutter-Wing Accessories
45712 STAKE EXTENSION Kit : Raise up Flutter-Wing for greater visibility. Place over crops or brush to give sequence landing look.
2 each 21" long sections, to use with the pointed stake shipped with the decoy. All 3 pieces can be adjusted from 45 1/2"high to 57" high, with the various button lock locations.
Foot insert extension on larger middle section. All pieces slip fit into the other. Steel 1/2" & 5/8".
Quality Powder coated metal, painted flat brown.Made in China .

The stake piece with triangle is shipped with decoy becomes bottom piece. The center piece has a foot pressure extension pad. Each piece is 22" . The 3 pieces button lock together and have multiple height adjustments..
$27.99* Buy Flutter-Wing stake Extension kit
45713 NEW FW BASE. sturdy base to use when ground is frozen or too rocky. Just had bricks or rocks to hold the base in place. Insert stake or tubing.
Picture coming soon and more details
ADD ONS- on to YOUR decoy    
  CUSTOM FLOCK added to FW. Bring your decoy to life!
Reduce shine & bird flare. White paint turns black under UV light, while flocking holds its color.       B/W contrast make dek pop!
More realistic  


Aero custom flock HEAD only - added to your decoy- refurbish
Aero Mallard Green Mix on the head and White Flock on the neck ring.
$15.99* Duck, Flocked action wing decoy - flutter-wing
45707 Aero custom Flocked Head & White Neck Ring, plus White on Tail - on your decoy
White is a critical color to flock, to create realism.
$19.99* Flocking for Duck Decoy
45709 Aero custom flock your decoy:Flocked HEAD/TAIL: Green Head Mix & White Neck Ring, plus White/black on Tail
From a distance, the black/white is what you first see- this contrast is what the ducks see first too.
$29.99* Flocking for Duck Decoy
45711 "Full Meal Deal Detail" on your decoy- or refurbish old dek
Flocked Head, White on Neck and Tail, Black on Tail + Black Flocking on black side of Wings &- mist on Feet (tones down orange)
$49.99 Flocking for Duck Decoy
WINGS Wings Custom flock    
45737 Aero Custom Flocked Black added to your wings (new), on black side which is up when not activated.
Other side is white and not flocked. Adds no glare/shine off wings = extra touch of realism. Reflects light just like real feathers. (wings not included)
$ 8.99* Flocking for Duck Decoy
45738 Aero Custom Flocked Black on one side of wings and white flock on the other side. Black side set as up when not activated.
.Adds an extra touch of realism-wings not included
Reflects light just like real feathers. (wings not included)
$ 16.99* Flocking for Duck Decoy
Instructions7 new coming soon
HD Flutter-Wing Decoy (one should last most of season, depending upon usage. Best to have extras)
Three each. Finally found a better long lasting drive cord!!
$1.99* Drive cord
45715 DRIVE BANDS- 2013 Model
:For Rubber Band Drive
style Flutter-Wing Decoy
Three each.
45717 FIELD SUPPLIES 4-2 : 4 Drive cords and 2 Thumb Screws (Special size thread) for Wing Connectors.
$6.99* FlutterWing Drive bands and Thumb Screwws
WINGS Wings and things    
TIP: To prevent wings from sinking in water, Fill the same number of channels on both sides of the wing shaft, on both sides to retain balance, with clear/white sealant (bath tub silicone works). This forms an air pocket to give the wings some float ability.
After they are dry, check to see if they float. If not, fill some more channels. This tip is in the instructions!
45720 WINGS- FW current model set:
Black on one side, white on the other. Matched & balanced Pair.
Can be flocked black one side for extra fee.
$24.99* Flutter-Wing Decoy-Set of wings
45721 FW WINGS FLOCKED- Flocked Black on black side, which is up side when not activated.
Extra touch of realism- just like the feathers on the wing.. Matched & balanced Pair.
$32.99* Flutter-Wing Decoy-Set of wings
45722 Black Metal Wing Connectors with Thumb Screws(special sized thread)
Set: Two each-Plus 2 extras Thumb Screws. Total of 6 pieces.
$17.99* Flutter-wing Parts
45723 Thumb Screws for Black Metal Wing connectors- two. Special metric and short stem, for the connectors. $3.99 FlutterWing Drive bands and Thumb Screwws
45724 FW metal stake adaptor bracket attaches to decoy belly-stake slips into it
Set: Two each-Plus 2 extras set Screws. Subject to availability
$6.99* Flutter-wing Parts
45725 1 Piece Straight Stake inserts into the ground. Brown with cut angled end- 18inch to fit mechanism kit box $8.00* FlutterWing Drive bands and Thumb Screwws
45726 Pair of orange feet for FW full body decoy. Screws extra. $5.00* FlutterWing Drive bands and Thumb Screwws
45727 User string from decoy to user, and string plastic holder -wrap string on the holder
60 feet (aprox) non-stretch light weight brown string with plastic string holder.
Wind up the string after each use. Convenient for storage and to use as a handle to activate decoys. .
Use with all action decoys.
$8.49* FlutterWing Drive bands and Thumb Screwws
45728 Flutter-Wing User Control String:
From Decoy to User. 60 feet (20 yards) non-stretch light weight string. Only 1/16" wide
Blends into any setting ( brownish colored ...non-obvious). Use with all action decoys.
$6.00* Decoy Kit - Action Wings
45729 HD long lasting reinforced rubber circle to use to tie off the FW string by the head. Custom made by Aero in USA $1.99* FlutterWing Drive bands and Thumb Screwws
90500 BAG:
Transport Bag for Action decoys & more
Flutter-Wing Full Body Duck. Protect your decoy- bag it!
Heavy duty nylon with draw string closure on top- self locking to hold the bag shut.
Durable, heavy weight and tear resistant. Color is tan with Aero Logo.
Bag also has grommet to hang the bag. Suitable for other action decoys or ??
This bag is included with the decoy
KITS- Make your own string action decoy. Click her for kits
Flutter-Wing String Mechanism Kit - Fits most full body decoys,
KITS- You supply the decoy and we supply the action kit. You install and adapt to your decoy
FLUTTER-WING CUSTOM SERVICES- does not include shipping expenses
45800 Flutter-Wing Maintenance and Tune UP- we will estimate $$. Final quote before work when decoy is in hand at Aero $24.99* est Flutter-Wing Custom Services
45850 Flutter-Wing Maintenance and decoy upgrade estimate $$.Plus parts. Final quote before work when decoy is in hand at Aero $29.99* est Flutter-Wing Custom Services
45860 Flutter-Wing Custom Full Body Flock Call for Quote Flutter-Wing Custom Services
Stake Stake with new triangle for stability in the ground! 21" Stake with triangle stability plate- one piece with button lock..
Has a flatten pointed end to insert into the ground or shore.
Do not hammer stake, which may make the slip fit not work. Made in China
$16.99 Decoy Stake
Stronger US spec metal- 5/8 galvanized, heavy wall, painted steel with angle cut bottom end, to insert into the ground.
Stake for FW Kits to use with the Shell FW style plate and nipple or as a piece of the FW full body stake bottom piece with no triangle plate.
A longer stake may be needed for the goose decoy. Works with Duck and Goose Kit.
. Can be used on other decoys. 1/2" ID. Will not bend (under most circumstances) Made in the USA.

  18" Straight Stake. As described above $14.99* Decoy Stake
  20" Straight Stake. As described above $16.99* Decoy Stake
  48" Stake with foot pressure- metal as described above, with welded horizontal extension for foot pressure (+ diagonal welded support for brace) to insert into the ground. $26.99* Decoy Stake
  56" Foot Stake with foot pressure- metal as described above, with welded horizontal extension for foot pressure (and diagonal welded support for brace) to insert into the ground. $33.99* Decoy Stake
  6 Foot Stake with foot pressure- metal as described above, with welded horizontal extension for foot pressure (and diagonal welded support for brace) to insert into the ground. Needs to be under 60" to ship small package.


Decoy Stake
Parts for discontinued, older style Flutter-Wing Duck in G & H Shell body
The below parts will not fit the New full body string action duck (above)- it has a different mechanism.

Note; Just had another request for one of our older models again. They have lasted over 5 -10+ years with hard use. Many call back for wings etc.  Available on very limited basis, along with repair parts, if they are available. Call the office.
46112 1 pair - Custom Bearings for older G & H Shells, made before 2005.
(need to make sure right model-best to call office)
46780 1 Customer Service of Flutter-Wing decoys, to inspect and repair as needed. Replace drive band, drive string, make adjustments and update the drive band attachment if needed etc.(2005+has new, easier method).
Does not include new wings, total new mechanism, or other parts which may be needed. You will be notified if your decoy will have additional fees, before service work is preformed.