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EZ-Fab™ Price/Order

Long-lasting blind material, that is versatile and acts as a camo break-up pattern (background).
The Dead Grass neutral color is found in almost every hunting location- as the color name implies.
Just add more natural materials and you disappear. You can see out, but the animals cannot see in.
Uses are too numerous to mention. Does not stretch or break.
Holds a taunt surface (others types do not); eliminates sags & shadows

EZ-FAB™ Blind Material Rolls- Versatile Polymesh - Made in USA

EZ-FAB™ Blind Material- Versatile Polymesh - Dead Grass Color (blends into most settings) 25 Foot long rolls are shipped in a box. Prices do not include shipping. Amazing product. Lasts indefinitely? Almost indestructible. IN stock. Custom color, custom manufactured for AERO.

Note: Due to weight and size, rolls ship as oversized, as will some of the large sheets.*
75812 12 feet long x 58" high roll of EZ-FAB, 6 -7 lbs, Dead Grass color  More coming soon! Reserve your rolls out of stock
75825 25 feet long x 58" high roll of EZ-FAB, 12-13 lbs,      More coming soon.... out of stock
75850 50 feet long x 58" high roll of EZ-FAB, 26 lbs, Dead Grass color Out of stock....more coming soon. Reserve your rolls $out of stock EX-Faab blind mesh for hutning blinds

EZ-FAB™ Blind Material Sheet- Versatile Polymesh

Use for blinds or on shooting doors. New order of stock is coming soon. Reserve yours today!
Shipped folded..
1 Piece
EZ-FAB Mesh Sheet- has diamond openings. Made of quality long-lasting plastic which can bend or fold, but retains memory, but does not tear or stretch. . Perfect for a shield blind on the ground or in a trees. Cut to fit the area. Small sections will stand up when stakes used on the ends. Add natural camo and disappear- creates a 3-D effect, but you can see through the mesh. Superior to any wire welded fence material which will rust, break and scratch.

77" across the bottom, by 61 1/2" high at peak. Trapezoid Shape. Other heights are apx 46" and 53" Creates an apx 3 1/2'+ by 5 foot rectangle piece, plus extra. Light dead grass color-spray paint to customize.

Perfect for blind panels because it creates a flat taunt surface. Great backing for knotted palm sheets, since it allows for more attachments which will lengthen the life of the knotted construction, due to less friction.. Superior camo use is to add natural materials from setting and secure with zip-ties & behind strips of bungee cord woven through the mesh.
Endless uses, including fencing and as cage material, as long as ???? will not chew through the mesh.
$24.99 Blind material, backing-diamond mesh for hunting blinds or?
* (Because of the volatility of plastics, the current pricing may be subject to change with out notice.)

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