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Flutter-Wing Action Duck Decoy
Most effective spinning wing on the market.
NO Wind...No Problem- U have a FW!   (No batteries or electronics.
No hassle drive cord- quieter and more reliable! 2014

Action just works!
Very Durable Decoy and Mechanism Design

Great Confidence Decoy!
U control the action! Used & proven tool!

Deadly on wary, late season ducks.

Gives the same black/white flash...
- just like a real duck before landing.

Eliminates bird flare-Wing return to black side up as set. Click

Right Look & Right Action! Easy-String Pull.
Same wing flash as a real landing duck.

Use as a tool , just like a call, to turn their heads.

It has been said, "Either you have one, or you wished you did."

Choose Full Body Magnum Mallard or Shell Full Curl Decoy
.Shell style has: less bulk for pack-in. See bottom of page.

Learn to read the ducks: vary the speed and timing.

Just activate to attract, then get ready for the shot.
Both the ducks and you will be surprised-it works !
Fun & Effective.
Bring'em in closer for cleaner, discriminating shots.
Closer shots means more birds bagged. Less cripples.

Hunt enhancing tool- Use like a call, only when needed to attract.
2-Man Deadly Duck  Blind + FW and Full Curl decoys

Success in the bright sun.
Flutter-Wing truly made the difference between watching or harvesting.

Early or late season, the something extra is a Flutter-Wing!

Action says, "Chow time, come on in" to the birds.
Why does this action work?
Right before a duck lands, it's wings are lifted up
higher than normal, which exposes the white underside.
This is a back-winging action to slow the landing down. Concurrently the landing gear come out, or the feet drop out in front right before landing.
All of these actions occur when the duck is close to landing on the water/ground, telegraphing to other incoming ducks...

"I checked it out. It is Ok. SOUPS ON!"

Very easy short pull. Pull out ( 3-4 inches) and thy use your quick wrist wave action. Works with the same pull at any distance. Small hand action, no body movement.

Only need to operate to turn heads. No need to operate for long periods of time .

FW -Re-designed Mechanism & Connectors-
-Easier to maintain + wings are faster in the cold
* Free Decoy bag, to protect & transport -
   HD Nylon draw string bag + grommet for hanging.
* Improved - Wing couplers with thumb screws
* New mechanism design reduces wing speed drag in cold.
* New drive cord- break resistant-long lasting!
* Easy to Lube Drive shaft- use low temp gun oil.
* Dual pull string operation choice.
    From head for a direct pull, or thread down stake eyelet.
* Super Magnum Decoy 22" Body- our own Design with feet
* No shine, flat, realistic paint tones to not flare the birds.
   (Flocking for extra fee. See pics bottom page)
* Wings (black/white sides) return to set position (black side)
   No hassle to control the wings- reduces bird wariness.
* Wing flash motion truly emulates a duck, right before landing!
* Whisper Quiet. No noise to flare birds.
* Stake will insert into 3/4" conduit, to vary height.
* Short 20" button lock stake with triangle stabilizer
* Can purchase separately 2 piece stake extenders.
* Very Easy action.Just a wrist wave. No body movement needed.

No wind or batteries needed
Duck Decoy Flutter-Wing Action Decoys Pair

Duck Decoys- Flutter-Wing & Full Curls with Deadly Duck Blind along edge

Wings always return to original 'set' position.
Set the black side up, canted slightly to the so an incoming duck will only see the black.

Then there is no white showing to flare birds when stopped.

"The Flutter-Wing center punches the birds.
I've bought them all. The rest sit in the back of my shop except for this action decoy. I put mine right where I want to shoot them. Its reliable all season long. I even use my Flutter-Wing in the field with goose decoys. Why because it works and I don't need as many decoys!
" Steve - Spokane, WA.

Many Hunters who then tried the string, after using the battery,whole heartedly prefer the string version.
They have more control, quiet action and the convenience of
no batteries to buy, recharge, etc.

Hunters, don't leave home with out your Flutter-Wing.

Why, ...
because Flutter-Wing gives enhanced decoying action!
Compare Flutter-Wing with other Action Decoys + Testimonies; Click Here

Place them where you want the birds to land.Use one or two, low to the water or field (above the crop)
Use in front, off to the side, behind the blind.. Vary the location as needed.

Or change up and place behind you for a new look or??
Depends upon the wind and the reaction of the birds.
To vary height stake slip fits into 3/4" EMT electrical metal tubing (needs to be painted a flat color). Or Rebar works too.

string down stake
String down the stake, through ceramic guide .Different hunters prefer different set ups.
String direct pull from head String threaded through a special hardened grommet in head.

Direct pull is the easier and the same at 2 feet, as at 20 feet.

This is the preferred style on Paul's Ponds and the way the FW's come, unless tweaks are needed.

Aero's Flutter-Wing has unmatched realism.
Mechanism: Extremely durable.

Great Confidence Decoy!You are in control of the action. Then all you have to do is get ready for the shot with 2 hands!

* Gets their attention from a great distance- turns their heads and brings them right in.
* No large body movements are required by the hunter that will tip off human presence.
* When they commit the wings return to black side up to not flare the birds.
* Closer shots allows for better specie identification and cleaner shots.
* Looks realistic- ads to the set up & Action Attracts!

HERE: New Press Release-Improvements
New: How to tension drive band

Flutter-Wing String Solves battery problems
Battery remotes leaves the user with no control of wing position when turning on and off.
  1. No more batteries to buy.
  2. No more dead batteries either!
  3. No more bird flare from un-natural wing look. No white side up or partial white up, which occurs with remotes. Remotes were designed to turn off mechanism to eliminate flare. No need for one with a Flutter-Wing.
  4. No more varying wing speeds, as the batteries expire.
  5. No battery drive noise to flare birds.
  6. No decoy vibration flaring birds.
  7. No more wiring headaches with remotes, etc.
  8. No wings in un-natural position from remotes stopping with white up..

Great for packing into your hunt.
Less bulk than full body, but still the awesome wing action to bring'em in!

Flutter-Wing Action in a Full Curl Decoy.
Wings Show black to the left and white up to the right.
Flocked head, tail & black side of wing. BUY NOW
Flutter-Wing action in Full Curl decoys, shown in the above pictures. They were taken only a few minutes apart, but with different wing sides up. Focus of camera and angle are the only changes, yet one appears to be darker than the other..
Full Curls have flocked heads and tail, swivel heads and no shine naturalistic paint scheme .Which decoys best?
Decoy paint scheme matches real ducks

The picture to the left shows the decoy and real ducks. Notice the decoys colors matches the real ducks.

Note: The current decoys do come with an opening in the bottom of decoy. The door was not durable, and the opening does not flare the birds.
Why buy a shell version:
  1. Smaller decoy body, makes' packing in' or transporting less bulky. Same mechanism, same action as full body.
  2. Easier to work on, due to the whole bottom being accessible.
Not a full body decoy, with feet.
Can't put a hand heat warmer inside when freezing or cold out, to keep the action speed up. Below freezing may slow wing action.

Which decoys best?
They both work. Its the wing action that matters. Just like you use a call, you have to know when to use it and watch the duck's response. Activate to attract, and when they are coming....let 'em need to have action all the way into the spread.
The no-shine paint, the right colors of paint , the right wing action/flash, and the wings always returning to the black up to not flare the birds...these are the things that matter.

"I would not go hunting without one. They are awesome...and the Flutter-Wing truly have made the difference in my success in the field. You definitely do not want to be set up by some one who has one ...because you will get no action until they are finished and leave.The Flutter-Wing makes all the difference in seeing birds up close or not" B.C. - Maryland

Flocked DecoysFront decoy has no flocking. , 2nd decoy has flocked green head & white neck ring plus white on tail.

3rd decoy has additional black flocking on tail

Can also choose to have the wings flocked too.

flocked head & no flock. wings flocked and no flock