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Velvet Feather Decoy Finishing Kits

Bring your decoys to life!  Velvet Feather flocking emulates real feathers to give your decoys a 'life- like look'.  Velvet Feather flocking works!  We offer flocking highlight kits for our duck and goose decoys as well as full body kits.

"I've tried all the other kits and glues, even with masks, the fumes were horrible and the products did not work as well as Velvet Feathers. Your product held up all season long and produced results. Birds are just drawn to decoys with VF on them."
Greg, San Leandro, California

It takes time and effort to flock- use the best products for lasting results- Use Velvet Feather fibers & Ure-Glue, specifically designed to work with plastics & outdoors.

Beware of some other kit manufactures who sell only the fibers and suggest Rust-O-leum Paint, to be used as an adhesive. While it is cheaper,it requires 2 coats + 2X flock or 2 applicaiton time and it does not delivered a quality surface & scratches significantly easier. See comparison of Ure-Glue & Rustoleum
Use Velvet Feather Flocking & Ure-Glue:
  • Eliminate bird flare and wariness by eliminating paint shine and fade.
  • Transform your decoys from old to NEW life-like.
  • Velvet Feather has the same light reflective properties of real feathers.
    Under UV lights,white paint turns black while flocking holds it color.
  • Gives crisp colors that won't fade!
  • All Weather Flocking.  Waterproof.  Lasts for many seasons.
  • Flocking is made of precision cut industrial grade nylon fibers.
  • Smart ducks and geese know decoys, but Velvet Feather™ fools even the most discriminating birds.
  • The Ure-Glue is the secret to making your finished product durable and lasting.
    Make your efforts last!

Velvet Feather on right,
standard painted decoy on left.

Velvet Feather flocking available for your decoys-various customs colors for Ducks and Geese.

Our Glue- NEW Ure-Glue

Formulated in-house to bring to the customers a superior easy to use adhesive.
Superior to all other we tested on the market, especially to Rustoleum Paint (note it is a paint and not an adhesive.)
Perfect for plastic decoys, since the adhesive creates a strong bond to prepared surfaces and Urethane is extremely durable.

Our GLUE makes the difference... Make your efforts last....use Aero Ure-Glue. 

We tried all the others before we set out to formulate our own.  Most others require solvent to cleanup, were not as durable, and did not have great adhesion.
Also most flock adhesives are meant for flat surfaces and predominantly for crafts.

GLUE: Choose color to match or complement the color- to give a slight variance in the flock shade by under color

  • Urethane base creates a tough abrasion resistant surface- scratch resistance.Flock lasts longer.
  • Great adhesion properties, to stick to the decoys prepared surface.
  • Improved glue strength for slightly flexible items. (Solvent based paint/glue meant for solid surfaces.)
  • Flexibility & slightly elasticity to adjust to plastic as it expands and contracts with temperature changes.
  • Easy to use water base glue/adhesive- Waterproof when cured.
  • Available in multiple colors!Colored glue to match the flocking.  This gives increase color dept and covers faded paint, etc.
  • Tack set in two (2-4+) hours, and ready to hunt in 48+ hours. (Time can be less or longer, due to temperature, humidity, etc.)
  • Not hazardous, environment friendly and user friendly Not solvent based, like most other glues/adhesives.
  • No strong fumes as with solvent based glues- no PP Equipment required.
  • Easy to apply. Brushes are water cleanup before it cures. Place brush in water during the application process.
    Compare to Rustoleum    Compare to other glues    Rustoleum paint Warning label

Ure-GLue Use and Storage:  Stir glue well before using.  Make sure all precipitated color particles are dispersed.  Suggest turning the jar/bottle over a couple times before you use.
Do not thin past 5% of volume.  Do not shake or stir fast because this will introduce air bubbles in to the glue.
Do not freeze. Keep covered.Store standard living room temperature. Pour out only what will be used- do not pour back it. Air activates the cross-linkers.

Kit Contents

The Velvet Feather flocking KITS includes Velvet Feather flocking fiber, applicator, glue, brushes, sandpaper and instructions.  Basic are just flock & glue.
Our flocking will on Full Curl duck and DropZone goose decoys, and other manufacturer's decoys. 
Due to the various types of paint and plastic used by each manufacture and users additions to the surfaces, you must perform tests to ensure good adhesion/finish. 
Note: manufactures may vary its process/ products from year to year.  Prepare the surface as needed and then flock. May need to sand and prime if the plastic has never been painted or is bare.

Simplified instructions: Best to test a small section, such as the bottom of a decoy before proceeding.
    ---How hard is it?  If you can paint the trim around a door, you can flock a decoy.
  • Wash/clean decoys. Do not use oily soap. Suggest TSP, Dawn or:. Use a soft brush if needed.
  • Remove all dust and loose contaminates. Remove all loose paint.
  • Lightly, roughen surface to increase glue adhesion. Test adherence of glue/flock.
  • If bare plastic a primer and or flaming will be needed. Testing will determine this. Complete details in full instructions.
  • Evenly brush on glue. Try not to overlap strokes. Apply only what you can apply flock to in about 8 minutes.
  • Can spray on glue with no more than 3-5% dilution per volume/weight.
  • Apply the fibers. Use the puffer bottles to get the fibers embedded into the glue, for a better finish. Dusting works but does not break the surface tension.
  • If the fibers are lumpy,sift with wire mesh, allow them to be exposed to the air, and sift again right before application if needed..
  • Apply only one color at a time, then when tact set in a few hours or more, gently shake/tape/blow off and capture excess fibers.
    Clean up so the loose fibers will not be attracted to the next color application.
  • After one section is done, go back to the previous and under a bright light look for shinny spots-fiber have been absorbed into the glue or a spot was missed. Apply more fibers, pat to set in glue, if needed.
  • Curing: place object by med speed fans in a warm room. Curing or full water evaporation depends upon humidity, temperature, thickness application etc. 3 days to 2 weeks or so.
  • Storage: Use dish soap such as Joy and brush lightly, then rinse.Wash with a hose (not high pressure nozzle) or under faucet.  Rinse when clean.  Completely Dry and store the decoys in a dark room, or in covered boxes or bags. Best to not leave the decoys sit in mucky water all season long.

Application Tips: Buy a good artist brush or use/trim any brush for edges. Test. Can dilute glue slightly and spray on, but no more than 5%.
Trim the top level 1/2 off. Fill the bottles about 1/2 -3/4 full and shake. On the down shake stroke squeeze to embed the fibers into the glue surface.
Exercise care to ensure the glue only goes onto the correct surface locations. Limited water clean up- the cross linkers set up quickly.
Mask off areas not to be flocked. Only apply glue to an area to which you can apply the flocking fiber in 8 minutes or less.
. See above comments.

Note: After applying the flocking kit to your decoy, please do not spray Krylon sealer on top of the flocking.  The sealer will etch into the glue and compromise the flocking.


We have spent a lot of time researching and developing the Velvet Feather flocking kits.  The urethane based glue is extremely durably and flexible, adherers to plastic and in the outdoor elements does not degrade the glue. Several guides and hunters have helped us test the flocking durability with daily use.  A majority of the decoys being used were full body decoys.  They were tested in ALL weather conditions (rain, snow, sun, below freezing weather).  The Aero flocking & Ure-Glue lasted the full season, on most decoys multiple seasons.  No cover coat is needed to extend the life of the flocking.  Please note, some minimal wear occurred, which is normal, due to abrasion when placed along the side of a trailer or boat, etc.


  • "No gimmick, it really works!" from James in Illinois
  • "It looks real and attracts the birds." from Sam in California
  •  "I was given one of your 'Velvet Feathers' decoy flocking kits by a friend.  My hunting buddies and I completely revamped our mallard setup and were instantly impressed with your product. We've had birds come to our decoys when they were flaring away from guys in the next field.  I feel confident that you have
    helped me bag more birds over the past couple of seasons.  Thanks!" from U.S.A. in Madison, NC
  • "Just a quick thank you to let you folks know how much I enjoy doing business with you.  Your products are first class and your customer service has been second to none.  I have recently flocked a number of duck decoys with your kits and must say this appears to be the best looking and most durable flocking I have used.  Looking forward to getting my Full Curl Decoys and look forward to several memorable hunts using your products. Good luck in the field this fall." from P.W. in Wyoming

Supplies needed.

Warm room with no drafts, but with supply of fresh air. Personal protection (bandana for face, wrap safety glasses and gloves (if desired).
Ure-Glue is not solvent based so no personal breathing products are needed.
System to prop up, hang, set items as they are processed so they will not bump into each other or fall over.
Blue paint tape for masking areas (however most use hand brush strokes along color edges), tub larger than objects to hold fibers for each major color, cardboard 3 sided shield around tub to contain lofting fibers, newspaper to cover surfaces from spills/drips, bright lite to check each object to ensure flock has not been absorbed into the glue, fan to put on items to speed up moisture evaporation from the glue, quality artist brushes for edges of sections-we like angled tapered quality bristles,
Water for cleanup, water in a glass jar for brushes for quick rinse/storage during the application, however the glue will set up in the water if left over night.
Broom and dust pan to clean up ALL loose fibers after each color, before applying the next, to prevent lofting fibers tainting the next color. Save fibers which are not dirty, to be re-used.

More Information

For more information on the duck, goose, or full body kits please follow one of the links below.  If you would like to go directly to the purchase page, click here.