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Contact Information

Aero Outdoors quest is to provide quality decoys and superior equipment to assist waterfowlers to finish off ducks and geese more efficiently, due to the realism in the innovative, unique products.
Serious Products for Serious Hunters©
"We know your time is extremely valuable, but your comments as a consumer would be most beneficial. We are always looking for great ideas for enhancement of our products. "

Mailing Address:

Aero Outdoors
316 East B Circle
Pasco, WA 99301

Phone:(509) 545-8000
Fax:(509) 546-2001

Office Hours:
During Season: September through January: Most weekdays PST

Front 'Home' Pageon web site is updated.with hours/days.
Please call before coming to the office, in case someone is sick.
Not open holidays, or some days before/after a holiday. (Thanskgiving etc)

Off Season:February to August, typically M-W-F from 10 to 3.
However you may find us there anytime, depending upon schedules and vacations.

We appreciate your business.


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Marketing: Suzanne (
Invoice/Billing: Denise Brown (
Product Design and Engineering (Not for repair, etc): Paul Sullivan (
Webmaster: Suzanne Sullivan (

Customer Suggestions/complaint form can be downloaded here.

Why buy from Aero?
If you want increased success in the Aero.
No gimmicks, but well designed, innovative, durable products.
True paint schemes; no- shine, with flocking for added realism.
A great investment in term of $$ and success.
Field tested by many hunters and all reports are "..yes they are worth the investment.... because they look so real, the birds dropped right into Aero's decoys (on one side instead of brand X on the other side) and the results were incredible!
They (decoys and blind) increased my harvest rate tremendously!
" (customer comments)