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Flutter-Wing Action Duck Decoy - State Regulations

Action Attracts...makes your spread look real.

The ducks see all the stationary plastic ducks, so give them some realism
and action to eliminate their wariness!

Action Decoys: How effective are they?  Are there State Regulations?

Flutter-Wing Decoys are legal in most states. Are they effective..YES.  Read the following information:

The Matter Of Spin- except from Wildfowl Magazine
The results? In the marsh, ducks were 1.9 times more likely to fly within 40 yards with the spinner running than when it was off. Hunters killed five times more ducks when the wing-spinner was active. Interestingly, crippling dropped from about 0.3 birds per hunter to about 0.2 birds per hunter when the spinner was on. The difference was even greater in field hunts: Ducks were five times more likely to fly within 40 yards when the spinner was running, and kill was 33 times higher. During the early season, crippling rates didn't change, but late in the season, crippling was 3.7 times lower when the decoy was running
. Read the complete article..

State Regulations

We have culled the following state regulations from various resources.
Note: We are providing this information as a service, but it is your responsibility to ensure that action decoys are legal in your hunting area.  We can not be held responsible for your failure to follow your local laws.


12.28. Certain waterfowl decoys prohibited.
It shall be unlawful to take or attempt to take waterfowl with the use of decoys simulating wing movements after July 1, 2006. (Ref code 01.00C Definition of Terms.
Exception: 1, During the Snow, glue and Ross Goose Conservation order. 2, Kite devices.


Section 507 (C) relating to Prohibition on Electronic or Mechanically - operated Devices.
Current regulations prohibits the use of electronic or mechanically operated spinning blade devices or spinning wing decoys when attempting to take waterfowl from the start of waterfowl season through November 30. 'This regulations was adopted in 2001 as a means of further evaluating the possible effect of electronic or mechanically operated spinning blade devices or spinning wing decoys.


From the opening day of duck season (which includes Youtth Watefowl Day) throught Saturday Octover 7, a person may not use a moterized decoy or other motorized device designed to attractmigratory birds to take migratory waterfow. On water bodies adn lands fully contained within state wildlife management area boundaries, a person may not use motorized decoys or motorized divices desinged to attract migratory birds at any time during the duck season. This restriction applies whethere the motor is running o rnot. Devices without motors, such as wind-powered spinning-wing decoys, are not restricted under law.