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Flutter-Wing Action Duck Decoy Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find common questions we receive and the answers we provide.

How to setup the Flutter-Wing

There is no 'one set' of instructions which will be the 'magic ticket' for every hunt.  Experiment and the ducks and they will tell you.  IF the birds flare, do it differently.  Action is not always needed...try no action too. Also, try these other suggestions:
  • Try to always have the Flutter-Wing down wind of you.
  • Activate to attract, to get their attention from a distance. Once they are committed, let the string slowly return and wait for them to come in. Use like you use your call, as a tool to assist in the hunt.
  • If they do not commit, wait until they have passed over and then activate again.
  • Email Us: Let us know what works for you in what circumstances.

Before you use the 2010 Flutter-Wing

  • Check to make sure the string is tied tight to the grommet.
  • Make sure the wing connectors are tight on the drive shaft. Allen wrench provided. Metric
  • Make sure the inside pulley is tight to the shaft too. Uses a different metric allen wrench size than the wing connector. Typically this adjustment is not needed.
  • Make sure the string does not touch the decoy body, or the abrasion will wear the string. trim the plastic body as needed to insure clearance..

How to activate the action

Do not pull the string out and let go or just return!!  This can cause the string to break and snarl.
Always ease the string out and ease it back in. No need to yank the string.
DO NOT activate like pulling a string on a lawn mover, etc. Use gently.

Pull the string out about 6 inches, and pull back and forth a few inches.Then allow the string to slowly return.This takes less body movement and will provide a consistent black/white wing flash to attract ducks or geese.  Just wrist action works best! Do it quickly, not slowly in and out.

Wing Speed needed

The duck and goose models have different nuisances to give the right speed for each specie. Duck is fast and the goose is 1/3 the speed of the duck, which is already factored into the design of each. Vary the speed on the goose to see what they respond to..

How many do you use?

Even an extra Flutter-Wing not activated which appears to be landing, will draws them in. One works, two can work better. Place one in to the left and one to the right. Or.....??

Alternating them by trying using one decoy in one place, then the other. If they do not respond, use both of them.
Some say it is very realistic to use both at the same time and effective too!

Another can be placed behind you?

If they are not responding to in front of you. Try off to the side, and if still not working then try behind you. Experiment.

The Wings do not float

Seal the ends of the flutes/channels in the wing to create air pockets, so the wings will float for a shot time.

Take a tube of silicone (used on bathtubs, etc.) and fill the same number of channel holes, on both ends of the wing. Do equal number of channels on both sides to try and keep the wing balanced. Usually 3 or 4 are enough.
Treat both wings exactly the same!

Wings fall out of the wing connector

New 2010: Tighten the connectors before each use. Some secure the wing nut to the shaft?

Wings rotate slightly when the action has stopped

Adjust as needed. The temperature and stretching of the drive band can change the setting.


Pre-2010 Model. Older style friction fit wing connectors

Check to make sure there is no burr on the end of the wing shaft. Sand off with paper or finger nail file. Insert the wing into the connector, by grasping firmly on the outer end, then pushing and twisting at the same time (as if it was a screwdriver) working the wing shaft into the connector. Do not wobble it in, just a direct push and twist.

Wings do not stay on decoy (Wings and connector falls off the drive shaft)

Do not glue the wing connector unto the shaft. Then you cannot remove the mechanism. (If you have extra connectors, then you can heat to remove and then replace them.)
Best to insert a loop of fine braided fishing line into the connector hole and twist unto the shaft. This will fill the looseness so the wing will not fall off.