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Buy DropZone Goose Decoys

DropZone™: A dream that became a reality...
Trademarked "Textured Finish™" and "Triangle Base™", sets these decoys apart from the rest.
Sully's DropZone Elites™: Designed by Paul Sullivan, Pro Guide, Engineer & Designer.

Our only competition is stuffers, and we beat their performance (endurance)..
DropZone™ Decoys...they live up to their name...geese drop into the Zone!

Buy DropZones™! They will exceed your expectations! They mark the DropZone™!

These Speckle Bellys have been a great hit with the customers. They order some and then buy more!
With all the effort you put into hunting, why not improve your success. You will be glad you did!

Early season or late, you will experience greater success with fewer decoys of higher quality!
DropZones decoys fool real geese, especially late season!
All season/All weather....they work!!

Right Paint Tones* Rugged-Almost indestructible * No parts to lose.
The stable base with stands normal winds.

Unmatched Realism + right finish = success in the field!!
Textured surface, exquisite hand painted detailed. Multi layers of paint.
Each decoy is unique with breast checkering & details = increased realism.

   "I bought a few to inspect, then I bought more because they looked so good. They are a work of art!" California.

   "I was thinking about adding them to my spread. They look great and do not shine. They truly are amazing.
    I was hesitant about the price for each decoy, but now after I have received mine I understand the value
    they truly are! Don't change what you are doing". Colorado.

   "Wow. They look better in hand and fantastic out in the field. I am glad I ordered a test box. Send me some more!" Nevada
    "The ones you shipped by mistake (boxes got switched with labels) look so great I am going to keep them! I was curious what they would look like and know I know !" California

Good News!
You can count on getting decoys that are extremely effective & extremely durable!
You are entering the DropZone™ !!! Made in the USA

DZ= DropZone
Order a sample and see for your self.....and save! No hassle 14 return policy*.
Order a sample at a higher each price; then order more with in 30 days, the sample will be price adjusted to the quantity lower price, or 'each' cost..You will get a credit towards the sample ordered.
DropZone White Front or Speckle Belly Decoys.
              Each is custom painted & varied for realism. Long life paint +flat non-reflective sealer
10101 1 each DropZone Spec - Sentry $96.99
10301 1 each DropZone Spec- Walking Feeder $96.99
10201 1 DropZone Spec- Rester- discontinued since this item is a Canadian Pose. However it can be special ordered in a Speckle Belly. Call us.    
10513 4 Decoys: DZ Spec: 2 Sentries & 2 Feeders $379.96
10514 4 Decoys: DZ Uprights: $379.96
10515 4 Decoys: DZ Walking Feeders $379.96
10512 1 Dozen DropZone Speckle Belly: 3 Sentries, & 9 Walking Feeders $1007.88
10518 18 Decoys DropZone Speckle Bellys:
Feeders: 5 S, 13 Walking Feeders
Sully's DropZone Elites: Snow Geese. Flocked tail & custom flat sealer- UV
Updated more realistic paint tints on bill, feet and base. Thick wall to last a lifetime ++
12101 1 DropZone Snow Decoy - Sentry $72.99
12A02 1 DropZone Snow Pair - 1 Sentry, 1 Walking Feeder $144.40
12514 4 DropZone Snow - 4 Walking Feeders $287.60
12A04 4 DropZone Snow - 1 Sentry, 3 Walking Feeders $287.60
12512 1 dozen DZ Snow- 3 Sentries & 9 Walking Feeders $860.40
12518 1 1/2 dozen DZ Snow- 4 Sentries, 14 Walking Feeders $1277.82
Discounts available for 4 doz + orders
Sully's DropZone Elites: Blue Geese
13101 1 DropZone Blue Decoy - Sentry $75.00
13A02 1 pair DropZone Blue Decoys- 1 Sentry, 1 Walking Feeder $142.00
13A04 4 DropZone Blue Decoys - 1 Sentry, 3 Walking Feeders $272.00
13A12 1 Dozen DropZone Blue Decoys - 3 Sentries, 9 Walk. Feeders $780.00
13A18 1 1/2 Dozen DropZone Blue - 4 Sentries, 14 Walking Feeders $1170.00
Special Pack: Snow & Blue Geese
13404 1 Dozen Mixed DropZone's- 9 Snows(3S,6WF), 3 Blue(1S,2WF) $788.00
13405 1 1/2 Dozen DropZone's- 18 Snow (4S, 9WF), 4 Blue (1S, 3WF) $1180.00
Miscellaneous: Plastic Bags
90010 standard 1 dozen Bags (for DropZones Goose decoys).
4 mil clear Heavy Duty 36" x 42" long. Long enough for complete coverage of decoy and base, for carrying in truck bed, bags, etc.
90011 standard 2 dozen Bags (for DropZones Goose decoys). Same As above. $37.99
90012 1 dozen Bags for DropZones: 4mil 30x30 clear Heavy Duty Covers the decoy body. Shipped with decoy. Perfect for coverage in trailers with shelves & on flat surfaces. (Shipped with 90013) $19.99
90014 1 dozen Bags for DropZones: 4mil 12 x 8 x24 gusseted
When shipped with DropZone decoys, it is used to cover the base,
(along with above bag # 90012 to cover the body.)

Note: A Sentry is 25" high, 27 3/4" long, 10" wide. Feeder is 15" high, 31 3/4" long, 9 3/4" wide.
Rester is 21" high, 25" long, 10" wide body. Grass Feeder is 14 1/2" high, 28" long, 10"wide body

* 14 Day No Hassle Policy. Return in 14 days from shipping- full product credit in new condition, less any shipping fees.
** Best Freight rate; shipped via truck & box hold 1 1/2 doz.(18) decoys. Additional for home delivery.
*** Special Price- Flutter-Wing in Elite Body - string action (see special below)
**** Improved. These are new bags specifically designed for DropZones. We have doubled the weight
and increased the size from the original bags.

(click on the picture for more info)
Buy 4 dozen decoys , and get a
Flutter-Wing Action Decoy- (click for more info)
String Action ($199.00 value) in a DropZone Elite Canadian Goose body.

Guide service must have a dedicated phone, internet presence etc.
Call the office for this bonus offer.

Superior to flagging. Gets their attention from great distances. You control the action. Hunters love the results.

Each decoy is made with exceptional detailing. It takes 21 steps and 3 hours to finish each decoy.
Custom air brushing gives the decoys individuality, plus the Velvet Feather (flocking) gives unbelievable added realism. Paint is the new RT (rough/tough) finish. Multi-layers of misted airbrushed paint, over the textured finish increases
the look of real feathers in the field. Fools educated geese!
Better than stuffers, DropZone Elites are durable and made to last a lifetime.
Limited Production, so order yours today!

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