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Hevi-Shot Duck Loads

50% more lethal pellets on target at 40 yds

Make your shots a "HIT!"

Duck-crumpling long-range energy.

2X the energy of steel!

Increase your range by over 20%

Case lot discounts!

15% pattern improvement over High Speed Steel!
Put more ducks belly-up on the water with these deadly high-speed duck loads.
Velocities up to 1,550 fps catch the quickest wave-skimming bluebill or treetop-high mallard. These dense-patterning loads deliver 50% more lethal pellets on target at 40 yds. than comparable steel loads.

They also maintain incredible duck-folding energy out to 60 yds, making your second and third shots as effective as your first.
Moisture-resistant crimp keeps your ammo working in all conditions, plus specially buffed to ensure a tight pattern. 10 shells per box.
Those who try Heavy Shot Shells, but more....because of the extra punch. It is exciting to see the wings fold.

You take more home when you use Hevi-Shot.
(packed 10 rounds per box, 10 boxes per case, 100 rounds)