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Flutter-Wing Action Duck Decoy Comparison

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Why buy a Flutter-Wing? Results! Acts like an insurance policy, use it when needed and get the results desired.
Best additional to any spread!
Washington State was first to outlaw electronic devises. After re-designing the decoy, it was found that the string design was preferred over the battery by previous purchasers. National trend is towards no electronic part or all of season.
  If you need to attract the birds, get a Flutter-Wing. Activate to attract (Right wing speed & no noise), then let the birds come in. Wings always return to original set position, like a landing duck to not flare 'em. Simple, but oh so effective. Have control of the hunt! Great confidence decoy to attract the ducks too! Problems with other decoys:
Not as realistic looking as a Flutter-Wing, wrong wing speeds (due to wind or battery life/motor output), motor noise, decoy vibration/chatter, and birds become 'decoy smart' to battery decoys.
Quality? YES. True realism in a rugged decoy. Flutter-Wing's action is reliable.
Built with stainless/aluminum machine shop parts to give precision action, and durability.
Check the others out for yourself.
Buy a Flutter-Wing and know you made the right decision! 30 day no hassle return policy. Flutter-Wing's deliver quality as promised!
Works when needed, as needed? Simple- just pull the string and the wings activate to look like landing bird. Works at the right speed when activated. Other depend up batteries, batter chargers and remotes to be fully charged and in good working order.
After activation does it look realistic? Right wing speed all the time. No slowing down as batteries wear down. Wings always return to set position,or dark side up like gliding into the decoys. Wing speed varies with battery charge. Remotes never turn off the wings in the right position. Wings with the light side up, or partially up will flare the birds.
Nature needed to activate? No wind is needed. Flutter-Wing is designed to aid the hunter when some thing a little extra is needed. Attracts birds from distances, to give you look or another look, instead of just flying by. Wind activated decoys need the 'right' wind speed. Too slow or too fast does not give the right affect. Hunter can not order right wind speed for a challenging day.
Superior to flagging? No human presences to hide during or after activation. Hunter movement is just a slight movement of hand. Battery decoys have noisy motors or vibrate, which will flare birds. Decoys become aware of the noise and become decoy wise quickly!
Costs after purchase? None, except replacing drive bands for a few dollars when needed. Usually 1 a season. Requires expensive batteries, charges, replacement batteries, remote batteries, etc.
Transportation? Lightweight. Decoy, wings and button lock stake make transport/set up quick and easy.No extra batteries or extra remotes needed.
Stake extender kit is available also.
Battery decoys can be heavy, clumsy and easy to damage during transport due to the heavy motors and batteries.
Durability? Flutter-Wings are made from real metal parts such as stainless steel and aluminum to prevent rust. Parts are all machined for precision fit, which delivers precision action. Our decoys have been in the field for over 5 years. Different decoys durability depend upon handling, quality of parts and amount of use.

(We know Flutter-Wings work, because hunters call back and order another for their set up. Or their friends call and order, so they will not be losing out on the decoying.)
Wings? Flutter-Wing have an easy wing friction fit. Most others use small screws or wing nuts to loose in the field or water. Extremely hard to work in cold weather at 'O dark 30'.
Replacement parts? Flutter-Wing's have replacement parts available online. Some parts are available depending upon the manufacture, but may not be in stock when needed?
Decoy finish? Flutter-Wing have the right paint scheme, which is no-glare/shine. Plus the addition of flocking on the head and tail adds to the realism! Decoys may look like rubber ducks and not have true realism. Paint may have a shine or satin finish.
Right look? Flutter-Wing have feet patterned off real duck feet, along with the right decoy angle. Looks, just like a real duck before landing with landing gear/feet out! Decoys have varied profiles,some are just silhouettes and some have feet at take off position or look unreal.


I had a Flutter-Wing and a wind powered duck out. When the Flutter-wing's band broke (had it for a year) that was the end of our shooting. The ducks would not come in after that.
R.W. (Seattle, WA)

At first I thought it was another gimmick. Looks good but would it work. Work it did. The ducks responded to it....and I was ready for them! Only had to activate as needed, and did not have to run until they got close. - C.L. (Sacramento, CA)