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Honker Goose Blind: More Info

The Honker’s™ Dimensions:
6 man has split (2) trap doors.
Height at pitched roof point- 46”.
Front/Back bottom length, add 1 foot to the top width. End width, or side, at base/bottom 77”.
Unique panels are lightweight & rugged with quick connect pins.

Ordering: 50% deposit required upon order, balance at shipment.
Shipping: Allow 2-3 weeks after order, if not in stock. They sell fast!
Freight: FOB Pasco. Because of the size it must be trucked.
Weight: Weight is without camouflage
Custom: Custom features will be quoted per order.

Panels are covered with EZ-FAB™ Blind Material, that is an all weather poly mesh.
EZ-FAB™ is lighter & superior to wire mesh, durable, folds and offers excellent permanent support to the camouflage material of your choice. Plus EZ-FAB™’s Dead Grass color blends into most settings and it will not rust or snag and rip clients clothes. Mesh is 54” high & weighs only ½ lb per linear foot.
EZ-FAB™’s openings are perfect for inserting natural materials, or holding loose materials such as brush or grain stubble.
Buy the Honker Blind with EZ-FAB™ attached, with the optional Camo Grass mats.

Camo Grass’s Mats.
They are natural reeds woven into 4’ square shag mats that give a 3-D surface.
Paintable when new. Easily attached with ties or twine. Individual knots will not unravel and trimable from any direction. Compares to Fastgrass.
Camo Grass Mats are optional and not installed. Complete instructions included.
*See more information on the EZ-FAB™ Blinds & Camo Grass web pages.

MAXIMUS BLINDS: The ‘Deadly Duck Blind’

Use the shooting/trap door several ways -flip out, lower inside or leave down.
If quick accurate shots are your goal, then choose a Maximus blind that gives you shooting ease from sitting to standing position!

Unique shooting door is very quiet, to reduce bird flare. 6 man has split (2) trap doors.
  • Leave the door down inside and add some natural materials to fill in the opening and enjoy watching the birds. This offers great visibility during the early season.
  • Lowering the door quietly inside buys you a few precious seconds by not flaring the birds. This method is used for wary birds and or geese. Plus it gives the shooter time so they do not have to rush their shots.
  • Flipping the door out before shooting gives you the ability to shoot quickly.
Location: The unique portability allows you to be at the right spot every time.
-> Remember to scout and place the blind in the hot spot where the birds were yesterday.


  • Transports in a pickup. Stack the panels or place across the truck bed to transport to edge of the field. (Use a support sheet of plywood in the pickup bed for the 4 & 6 man blind, to keep from tweaking.)
  • Rugged construction of 5/8” to 1” galvanized square steel tubing, which is very strong and resists crimping. (Square tubing is superior to round tubing because when round tubing is crimped it tends to break.)
  • Our non-stress bending process adds durability and allows for a minimum of welds.
  • Primed and painted a sand color that blends into most settings. Paint is a flat camouflage paint.
  • Each side is a panel with quick connects (except the front panel has the trap door attached).
  • Fabric or rain guard can be added on the roof.
  • Design offers durable rugged service for many years, if used with care.


Using natural materials to match your surrounding is always superior to fabric or man- made materials. Mound up along three sides (not the access end) to blend into the environment. Nest into habitat along the shore. Insert weeds, etc. for added camouflage. Or makes it look like a small hill or a pile of corn, hay, etc in a field.

EZ-FAB Blind material is used to cover the panels. Almost indestructible.
Extremely durable, versatile & very lightweight. Dead Grass color blends into most settings.
Only weighs ½ pound per linear foot at 54” high.
  • Use EZ-FAB on blind frames & structures because it holds it shape and supports coverings.
  • Use EZ-FAB as a free standing blind. Stands up on its own. Insert natural materials and hide within the shape.
  • EZ-FAB makes the slickest quick portable set up for ducks, turkey or deer. Perfect for archery.
  • Just insert natural materials & disappear. If needed use sticks or thin poles, like tent poles, for extra support.
  • EZ-FAB’s openings are perfect for inserting natural materials, or holding loose brush or grain stubble.