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Why Full-Curls?

Full Curl Duck Decoys were designed because of my experience with other decoys. I guide duck hunters on a small 3 acre ponds, which are surrounded by food plots. The same ducks come back day after day. Because the ducks see the same decoys everyday, they become wise to us hunters and the tools we use to fool them. This gives me the chance to evaluate our techniques and our decoys.

What I have found after seeing thousands of ducks harvested from the ponds, is that the design and the quality of the decoys is critical to bringing in mid to late season, gun shy ducks.

After using the old standard production decoys, I went to the custom decoys. These decoys run from the $280 a dozen to $480 a dozen. Even at these prices, even though the results were much better than the production decoys, I had to take them into the shop and modify the look of the custom decoys. I adjusted the paint scheme and flocked the heads and tails. Even though this helped, I was still not happy with all the results we were getting.

Therefore I decided to make a decoy that incorporated all the best features of the custom decoys. Then I added all the custom features that were needed to finish ducks on bad days as well as good days.

Most decoy manufactures, use an exaggerated paint job that appeals more to the hunter than to the ducks. Our full curls are made to appeal to the Ducks!

We also made them to be super versatile. They can be used on the roughest waters by filling the keel with sand, or they can be used on the smallest of calm ponds where motion is paramount by just tying onto the decoy with out the keel. With no keel, the decoy will move with the slightest breeze. Or when the ponds freeze up you can still tie unto the decoy when the keel is not needed.

We made the Full Curls oversized to be visible from a distance. This is nothing new, but we also made then 1/2" taller than other decoys. This increases the visibility of the Full Curls for those ducks that would normally pass us by.

Therefore, the full curls were made to fill a gap in the decoy market that is tantamount to using a stuffed duck for a decoy!

Know you will enjoy hunting with them as much as I do!

Share the sport and support those organizations that keep them flying!

Paul Sullivan, Head Guide for Burbank Goose and Designer & engineer for Aero Outdoors.