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Full-Curl Pictures

"I just received a sample box of Full Curls. Know this was just a sample, but I can’t say enough about how excited I am to have them since I ordered last January. There has never been a decoy like this before.
I just can’t believe the overall quality and fantastic look. Can't believe my eyes.
I know ducks and decoys. I have hunted waterfowl for 30 years. I have also been in retail sporting goods .I've seen all the decoys on the market. Plus I am a photographer. I have a pictures on my computer screen of ducks and then am looking over at the decoys.
No decoy has ever looked so real, been the right colors and had all the features too with removable keels, etc. WOW.
I can’t say enough about them.... They will be pleasantly surprised!
The wait is worth it. I know my buddies will want some too when they see mine!"
- Marion Atkinson, M.D.

Drakes: At ease, Rester and Talker. Hen: Feeder.

Hen: At ease HEAD is being reworked, therefore it is not shown.
Full Curl Standard Decoys in full Sun.
Still no shine!
More pictures will be posted soon.

Paul Sullivan, guide and designer:
"We have approached the decoy business from a viewpoint that offers a decoy that is not only the best looking and most attractive to the waterfowl, but we have also designed the FULL CURL decoys to be durable and as trouble free as any decoy on the market. Being a guide, and engineer and a perfectionist has lead me to design these decoys to be the very best and quite probably never to be matched for realism or durability."

The Pro Series FULL CURL’s are the most realistic duck decoy on the market even when compared to the $400/dozen custom decoys. Many people at the shot show in January, thought that they were made out of cork!
Anyway, I know you will be very impressed with the quality and looks of the FULL CURL line of duck decoys.

Make sure your get your order in early, to avoid disappointment!