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Honkerguide Answers Questions

Question: What is the best duck spread ratio?

The answer to the best spread is pretty subjective but I will give you my opinion.

This is what I use on our own proving grounds, Paul's Ponds.
The drakes really stand out and I personally only use 2 hens per dozen. I also use more of the resters. My ideal setup for us is 2 hens and 4 each of all the drake head positions and 6 of the resters. This setup really stands out and the realism just fools them like nothing I have ever used and that's saying a lot because I have used every decoy on the market at one time or another.

Now, that being said, there are different opinions and circumstances which would effect my answer.
Best answer is what works....use it.
See what others use in your location under the same circumstances.
Find out what works for your situation. Clean up decoys often....and touch paint/flocking when needed.

Let me know what works for you and what are your hunting circumstances.

honkerguide, aka Paul Sullivan
Burbank Guide Service, Home of Paul's Ponds
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